One of the pillars of the institutional vision is research. The rising number of professors who are members of the National System of Researchers demonstrates the university’s interest in producing scientific and technological knowledge. More than 140 projects have been developed with external funding over the five-year period. Financing comes from funds granted by CONACYT, the business sector and other organizations. The institution has sought to balance the origin of these funds in order to strengthen industry and other organizations, and to bene- fit society with the development of knowledge and technology. The institution invests in research projects internally. During this period UDLAP has invested in more than 540 projects, in which more than 40%-time faculty members have participated.


Forty-three projects related directly to institutional re- search lines have been supported within the framework of the direct research doctoral programs. A total of more than 53 mil- lion pesos, or 28 million dollars, have been invested, supporting research derived from these lines. Faculty and students obtained six patents from the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property(IMPI). Last year the patent “Chair/Exoskeleton for Productive Processes” was registered. This mechatronic device supports workers on the job to relieve tension on certain muscles caused by repetitive and uncomfortable activities.
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