Student Organizations

To be part of a student organization provides the opportunity to develop diverse skills and increase a social conscience. We have organizations created and led by students on campus. 

The organizations are work teams composed of students who have the same interest, share a common objective, and provide the student community with a place to share these objectives through activities that enrich their experience. Their members design a work plan and develop their own projects.

You can be an active member and join an organization’s work team. You only need to get in touch with the organization and ask to be a part of it. Or, you can be an associate and ask to be sent information of their activities via email; you can take part in the activities but do not need to be a part of the work team.

Being part of a student organization is an opportunity to address concerns and be a change agent, putting into practice what you know and developing different skills. You will acquire experience that may have curricular value for many companies. You will also meet people and make friends, among other advantages.

All organizations must be made up of students from Universidad de las Américas Puebla, and their objective must be in line with the university’s mission, philosophy, and values.

The organization must have a clear purpose, and there cannot be two organizations that have the same objective. The purpose of the organization cannot be political or religious, and must consist of at least five members that make up the work team. All organizations must be open to all members of the student community.

The first step to create a new student organization is to request an interview with the Student Organizations Office.

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