Campus security

At UDLAP we make continuous and strong efforts to provide a safe, healthy, secure and cordial atmosphere on campus. There are a variety of programs that promote the physical, psychological and emotional well-being of our students, faculty and administrative personnel. 

UDLAP is an ideal space for student life. We are committed to ensuring the safety of everyone in our University community.

Campus security is responsible for the wellbeing of the UDLAP community in many ways:

  • Round-the-clock surveillance, control and information of entrance gates, buildings, off-campus residential housing and events.<
  • Control, maintenance and training on use of fire extinguishers.
  • Assistance and support for all types of accidents and incidents on the UDLAP campus and external facilities.
  • Personalized protections for those cases that merit it.

Emergency contact

Samuel Kim
Telephone: +52 (222) 229 20 00 ext. 2222