Our Colleges

Do you know in which College you will reside? All of our Colleges are coed and have different facilities.  Get to know them.

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Ignacio Bernal College

Located on campus, in one of the main entrances, it has a study room and 48 suites, as well as a sports field and a cafeteria. Additionally, you will find a music room, game room, computer room, classroom, assembly hall with kitchen, gym, and TV room.

Ray Lindley College

This College is also located on campus, next to Medical Services, and near the dining room and the lake.  This College has a study room, 48 suites and a sports field; you will also find a music room, game room, and TV room.

Cain – Murray College

The Cain Murray College is located on campus, near the lake, the library, and the main cafeteria.  It has 48 suites, two sports fields, assembly hall, music room, game room, computer room, and meeting room.

José Gaos College

This is the only College off campus, but it is very close to the university. It has a study room, 42 suites, a sports field, cafeteria, music room, workshop, assembly hall with kitchen, associate’s room, gym, TV room, two classrooms, and a graduate classroom.