I want to live in Residential Colleges

The admission process by Internet only applies to new Residential College students.

First Step

  • If you already started your admission process at Universidad de las Américas Puebla and have your six-digit student number, you must send an e-mail to School Services informes.admisiones@udlap.mx to request your code and PIN number.

  • If you have not yet started your process at Universidad de las Américas Puebla, please go to: http://inscripciones.udlap.mx/registroexamenadmision/ where you will be given your code and PIN number.

  • Once you have your code and PIN number you may enter the link http://inscripciones.udlap.mx/SolicitudColegioProspecto and fill out your Residential College application form.

  • We will confirm reception of completely filled out forms the following working day, via email.

  • It is important to point out that the reservation of the type of room you request is subject to availability so, once you have received confirmation, you must complete the second and third steps at the same time in less than 15 days, or the reservation of the room you want will not be guaranteed.

  • Do not make any payments before receiving confirmation of availability from the reservations area of the Residential Colleges.

Second Step

  • In the confirmation email you receive upon completing your application form, we will send you the admission and cancellation terms.

  • You must print out this document, sign in blue ink in the margin of each page, fill out the information requested on page 5, and sign your full name at the end of the document.

  • If you are a minor, your guardian must also sign and annex a copy of his/her official identification.

  • Once the document is duly signed, scan all pages and send them to the following email: colegios.universitarios@udlap.mx

  • Do not make any payments until the Reservations Office confirms availability at the College.

Third Step

  • Pay the $3,970.00  one-time only admission fee for Colleges (non-refundable) at the following banks:

    Bancomer: 3249-5
    Banamex: Branch 870 account 5164-2
    HSBC: Agreement RAP 8132
    Banorte: Business Payment Concentration 94742
    Santander: Reference Payment Agreement 3560
    Bancomer: Account 0443569470 CLABE 012650004435694700 Currency:(pesos)
    In the name of: Fundación Universidad de las Américas, Puebla / student name
    Reference: 00+ID (student number)+DV (check digit)

  • The $3,970.00 payment IS A NON-REFUNDABLE FEE

  • It is very important that you send your proof of payment to colegios.universitarios@udlap.mx, otherwise we will not be able to verify that the payment has been made and we will be unable to reserve your room.

Once the three steps are complete, we will send you an email to confirm your reservation, and we will give you the date in which we will inform you of your room number.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I learn more about the Colleges?

We recommend that you carefully read the Colleges page (www.udlap.mx/colegios), where almost all information of the Colleges system and life at each College is found. If after visiting this page you have specific questions, please contact us either by phone or email.


When will I receive confirmation that I have a space at the Residential Colleges?

Your confirmation will be via telephone, approximately two weeks after the date you applied.  If your applied late, we will try to confirm as soon as possible.

When can I apply for admission at the Colleges?

There is an admission period for each semester. If you start school in the Fall semester (August), call us in February. If you enter in the Spring semester (January), call us in September.

I’m having problems filling out my application and questionnaire on the Internet.

The system only accepts applications that are completely filled out. Answer all questions, even those whose answer is: nothing, no, never, etc.

If I still have not taken my admission exam, can I apply for admission at the Residential College?

Yes, but we cannot confirm that you will have a space until you have passed your exam and have a student number.  If you are a student at an agreement high school, we can confirm your place when you have finished your admission process at the University.

Do I have to pay something before enrolling?

Yes. As well as paying for the first 6 units of tuition, all students who are part of the Residential Colleges must pay a one-time admission fee of $3,970.00

I want to know if you received the application I filled out on the Internet

To confirm if we received your application, please call us after you have sent your completed form at the following phone numbers +52 222 229 2510.


What is the cost of the College for the semester that I will enroll?

In this page you will find the cost for the current semester.  To know the cost for the semester in which you will enter, we recommend that you check the webpage in March for the Fall semester, and in December for the Spring semester.

Is the cost for Colleges per semester or month?

The cost of the Colleges is for the semester.

Do I have to pay something when I make the reservation?

No.  You will have to pay a one-time only admission fee when we confirm that we have a space for you in the Colleges.

How can I pay the Residential Colleges?

The same as with your tuition, you have two options: pay the total cost before the end of the first month of each semester, that is in January or August, or you can pay in installments, with an initial payment during the first days of the semester and four monthly payments during the semester, which include 3.2% interest on the outstanding balance as a financing fee.

Are there scholarships for Residential Colleges?

There are only moderator scholarships. To obtain this type of scholarship you must have been a resident for a year, belong to the College’s student cabinet, meet the profile established by each College, have a cumulative GPA of 9.0, and have an academic or valid agreement scholarship.

Can I have my own landline in my room?

Yes.  It has an extra cost and you must request it directly at the Telecoms Office of the University.