Our campus is known as one of the most diverse and green in the region. Currently, it has 80 hectares of which 50.61 are green spaces.

Not only that, UDLAP has spaces for you to carry out your activities without difficulties:

This space includes audio and lighting equipment, stage, seats, backstage dressing rooms, storage room, ticket office and workshop.

For your days and nights of study, our library, besides being comfortable, combines a traditional design with personal and virtual information services; it includes four multi-media rooms and three rooms for bibliographical instruction with computers; it also has individual and group cubicles.

As part of your academic program, we have laboratories for science, health sciences, mechanical and industrial engineering, electronic engineering, telecommunications, and a water treatment plant; a language learning complex, oral trials hall, financial simulation room, and projection room; laboratories for innovation and qualitative research, laboratories for quantitative research and market and retail intelligence, psychology lab, Gesell Camera, and mobile applications lab; photography labs, television set with dressing rooms, dance and music rooms, and a 3D printer. Finally, we have a hospitality lab, better known as San Andrés Hostel, open to the UDLAP community and run by students from that program.

This is a favorite meeting place for the UDLAP community; it offers services and activities to occupy most of your free time. Here you can find food vendors, paper supplies, projection rooms, and student organizations offices.

We are concerned about your development, both academic and physical, so we have optimal sports facilities that you can access daily to take care of yourself. You can find:

  • Swimming pool
  • Baseball field
  • Futsal field
  • Basketball courts
  • Tennis courts
  • Integral rehabilitation center
  • Basketball court in the Moe Williams Gym
  • Weight gym
  • Running track
  • Football field, Templo del Dolor
  • Soccer fields.

The space most used for lectures, meetings, plays and other events. Located in the center of the campus, it is the most popular meeting place; it would be hard for you not to find some activity inside.

UDLAP has three large computer halls with over 866 last generation computers at your service with specialized software for your courses. Use them whenever you need, 24/7.

You can find them at:

  • Business and Economics Room, NE-137
  • Arts and Humanities Room, HU-224
  • Science Room, CN-106

To safeguard your health and physical wellbeing, we have a medical services and clinical analysis center that cares for community members free of charge whenever they need it.

UDLAP has an integral rehabilitation center that offers orthopedic and joint medical attention, sports medicine, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, nutrition, and physical training with the latest scientific and technological know-how, always looking for innovation.

Equipped with dorms, projection rooms, auditoriums, cafeterias, and more, we have designed spaces so you can live comfortably on campus. You may choose from our four colleges: Cain-Murray, Ray Lindley, Ignacio Bernal, and José Gaos, located around campus.

Ideal for relaxation, meeting friends, and outdoor activities, they are favorite places of our UDLAP community.

Among them you can find the lake, the Bonfire and Meditation Gardens, the Couple and Central Fountain Garden, and the Flag Plaza; all of them meeting points known to all the university community.