Why live at the colleges?

As a university student, constant learning will be part of your life, not only in the classroom, but also in your free time, during your extracurricular activities, etc.

The UDLAP Residential Colleges want to become another way of creating environments where you can develop meaningful experiences that influence your life as a graduate, successful professional, and responsible citizen.

More than just a place to stay, our residences are communities where students live, socialize, build and share knowledge through everyday activities. They are designed to support awareness of yourself and our environment. The Residential College is a place where community, friendship, and fellowship start, to help with your ethical formation in a multicultural environment.

As well as fun and educational events, at the UDLAP College Residences you will find academic and personal support that will help with your successful transition between academic levels and with meeting the challenge of living away from home.

With all the amenities of a small apartment, our residences offer installations to organize meetings, work groups, and recreational and everyday activities, allowing you to socialize with other students and share with them experiences that will make you feel at home and with family.

You will be able to meet new friends, young people like you who are experiencing university life for the first time, same as you.  You will make relationships and have the support of the College community you have joined.

We invite you to join our house as a new student, where you will feel as in a second home, comfortable and confident to be able to reach a high quality of life and be involved with the university community. Don’t miss out on this unique experience!