Medical services

Wellbeing, Health, and Safety

As a first-rate institutional education and residential community, UDLAP makes a continuous effort to provide a healthy, safe, and cordial environment inside the campus. For this reason we offer a range of programs that promote and foster the physical, psychological, and emotional health of the students as well as those of the faculty and staff.


To give initial medical, nursing, and pre-hospitalization care in emergencies, as well as encouraging self-care by identifying risks, promoting healthy habits, and preventing illness in the university community.


To be seen as a committed area, highly capable and with excellent staff, which gives efficient and comprehensive medical attention, encouraging healthy habits, preventing illness, and satisfying the needs of its users.

General Objective

To deliver health services to the university community and give information focused on encouraging healthy behavior and illness prevention.


  • To provide efficient and comprehensive medical attention.
  • To satisfy users in the care process, inspiring trust, being aware of needs, and correcting whatever is not adequate.
  • To foster teamwork and offer a friendly and committed environment.
  • To become an integral part of the university community.
  • To maintain a physical area that is functional and pleasant.
  • To have a staff that responds quickly.
  • Hard Work
  • Ability
  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness
  • Availability
  • Friendliness
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Freedom with responsibility
  • Solidarity
  • Tolerance and non-discrimination

Medical Services Resources

Medical team consisting in:

  • One orthopedist
  • One internist
  • Two emergency care physicians
  • One general practitioner
  • Seven nurses
  • Fourteen paramedics

Physical Area:

  • Waiting room
  • Nurses station (area to take vital signs and treatment)
  • Four observation cubicles
  • Three doctor’s offices


What do we offer? To whom?
Medical Exam Student community
Health Care (appointments)
  • Full time employees
  • Economic dependents (18 to 26 years)
  • Student community
Nursing Service
  • Full time employees
  • Economic dependents (18 to 26 years)
  • Student community
Paramedics Student community
Emergency Medical Care University community
Health Prevention University community
Contingency care and risk situations (support to civil protection)
  • Full time employees
  • Economic dependents (18 to 26 years)
  • Student community


Ubicación Servicios Médicos: CL 104 al lado del Colegio Ray Lindley
Horario: Lunes a viernes: 8:30 a 14:30 h y 15:00 a 21:00 h
Sábados: atención de enfermería de 8:00 a 16:00 h
Sábados y domingos: Atención de urgencias por paramédicos las 24 h
Teléfonos: +52 (222) 229 20 00 ext. 3269
Directo: +52 (222) 229 3269
Urgencias: +52 (222) 229 20 00 ext. 2111
Paramédicos: +52 (222) 229 20 00 ext. 4040
Dirección: +52 (222) 229 20 00 ext. 4001