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Their objective is to promote participation, integration, and recreation, complementing your integral development in the university community. This office constantly works to offer our students a wide range of activities in a healthy and safe environment, through academic and cultural trips, visits to businesses, bike tours, and a cinema club that offers films notable for their artistic quality and various themes.


  • Cinema Club (Cineclub de las Américas)
  • Cultural trips
  • Academic trips
  • Business visits
  • Bike tour

Office hours and location

Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 14:00 h and 15:00 to 18:00 h.
Building: CE office 213 - C

Contact us

Tel.: +52 (222) 229 20 00 ext. 4104
Email: cine.proyeccion@udlap.mx , viajes.udlap@udlap.mx
Facebook: /cineclub.delasamericas , /vudlap


They contribute to your physical and mental wellbeing. We offer different dance styles, and activities in music, artistic expression, racquetball, aerobics, swimming, horseback riding, and contact and team sports.

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Contact us

Building: CL 200, CE 209 A
Tel.: +52 (222) 229 20 00 ext. 2383, 4070 and 229 23 30
Email: talleres.udlap@udlap.mx
Facebook: /talleresUDLAP


Art exhibits organized by the university students. We’ll see you every Thursday at 18:00 h for the inauguration of different exhibitions.


The Student Counseling Office is an area that helps students to sharpen their learning skills, and to find and use personal resources. It also aids students to improve their school performance and grow both personally and professionally during their university stay, through programs and activities that maximize their personal resources for wellbeing and self-care. They offer services such as:


  • Counseling to develop skills and student competencies.
  • Skill development workshop.
  • Psychological counseling.
  • Personal development workshops.
  • Prevention of risky behavior.
  • Programs that promote healthy lifestyles.
  • Temporary and definitive withdrawal.

Contact us to consult the different activities:

Office: CE 213
Tel.: +52 (222) 229 20 00 ext. 2075
Email: apoyo.estudiantil@udlap.mx
Facebook: /apoyoestudiantilUDLAP


Student organizations are groups of students with common interests. All members are enrolled in an UDLAP licenciatura and there are no restrictions on age, semester, or specialty to become a member. Make new friends, experience new emotions, and do what you like most in one of these organizations.

See what they are at: Student Organizations.


Our Student Council (CEUDLAP) organizes interesting activities for students, which have become very popular and awaited by all members of the community.

Among other events, you will find:

  • Legends Tour. This yearly tour tells the legends of the university and acts out the scenes. Every October.
  • Welcome lunches. Organized every semester by the school boards of each licenciatura.
  • UDLAP Celebration Day (October 12). A party for the university community, where we celebrate our pride in being part of a prestigious university over seven decades old.
  • Celebrations for February 14, September 16, and posada. These dates are celebrated with activities, socials, appetizers, and other attractions for the entire university community.

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If you like sports, you will find them at the Morris Moe Williams gym or in one of our sports fields.

We have representative teams and sports seasons for:


These are internal competitions of members of the university community, UDLAP alumni, and members of external communities. Their objective is to create an environment of values and healthy competition in football, indoor soccer, volleyball, flag football, tennis, and others.

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Students of the Dance, Theater, Music, and Art Departments offer periodic samples of their progress: music and dance recitals, plays, concerts, and exhibitions.

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Capilla del Arte. This is a cultural space in downtown Puebla, where art exhibits, talks, and symposiums are offered to nourish your artistic side.

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You can also belong to the cultural representative teams, such as Teatro Musical UDLAP (UDLAP Musical Theater), Symphonia, Zentzontle and Coro UDLAP (UDLAP Choir). You do not have to be enrolled in a related licenciatura to become a member: you just need to want to learn and practice in these cultural areas.

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So you can learn more about topics different from your chosen career, at UDLAP we have book presentations, lectures, symposia, recruiting visits, and library exhibits throughout the semester. Check the EVENTS page to find out about new activities.


Known for its multicultural environment, at UDLAP you can be part of the support and interaction activities with foreign students. International UDLAP Day allows you to know diverse cultures that coexist at the university. You can also be part of UDLAP Guides, a group of volunteer students from various licenciaturas and semesters who support and accompany new students during their adaptation process at the university.