Life at campus

Several integral education activities of interest to the university community have been held. The activities promote a sense of competence, emotion management skills, autonomy, interdependence, interpersonal relations, and the creation of identity. The university offers workshops whereby students can carry out activities aimed at perfecting personal, social and artistic skills. The participation of students has been steadily increasing. The university offers students the opportunity to participate in the Student Council (CEUDLAP), which is student government. During the past five years more than 1,100 events have been held by the Student Council. The following information shows the distribution of participating students and activities.

Programs and curricular activities are held in student organizations. These support leaderships kills and teamwork. More than 700 athletic, academic, cultural, recreational and social events have been held with close to 3,000 students participating. Orientation week is held every year for new students. The purpose of O-week is to ease students into university life. In this pro- gram students share ideas with their fellow students, and meet their future professors, among other activities.

Workshops, talks, conferences and information sessions are given on preventing risk behaviors. These activities seek long term well-being in the university community. The university offers medical services and sports rehabilitation, which includes immediate on-site medical attention with nurses, paramedics and medical specialists for the entire UDLAP community. Self-care is promoted by identifying and preventing unhealthy behaviors through permanent media campaigns directed at the entire UDLAP community. In the past five years, the Integral Rehabilitation Center (CIR) has averaged 7,000 rehabilitation sessions per year, attending more than 5,000 users from the university community.

Residential Colleges

In 2009, the Mary Street Jenkins Foundation generously donated the ancient building to Universidad de las Américas Puebla, to transform it into a cultural spaces that opened its doors under the name of Capilla del Arte UDLAP. The privileged location in Puebla Historical Downtown makes of this cultural space an incentive of esthetical experiences for those who visit the contemporary art exhibits and attend to the unrestricted cultural activities. With our weekly and continuous program; visitors can enjoy new proposals from Mexican and foreign artists in our Art Gallery. They can also choose between attending a chamber music concert on Wednesdays, an Art and Coffee session on Thursdays hosted by one of our many guests, art cinema on Fridays, or enjoy plays and storytelling with all family during the weekend.