Excellent Students

UDLAP  develops excellent students with an integral education approach. To do this, leaderships kills and social responsibility are a few of the skills strengthened through extracurricular cultural, athletic and intercultural activities.

The university directs its efforts towards recruiting students from the best institutions in the country. Undergraduate student recruitment has improved in states such as Tlaxcala, Veracruz, Morelos, Hidalgo, Tabasco, Quintana Roo, Campeche, Baja California and Baja California Sur. As a result of these promotion and recruitment efforts, the number of matriculated students has risen, maintaining the same proportion of undergraduate and graduate students. The university offers a significant scholarship program that is consolidated year after year, increasing the percentage of students benefitting from financial support.

  • Honors program
  • Academic tutoring
  • Academic advising
  • Learning centers
  • International student mobility

Honors program

The purpose of the Honors Program is to promote outstanding students in the development of their research talents. Participants in this program complete a research or artistic creation project, with the help and guidance of researchers and or creators from the institution. The total number of participants has increased since its inception in 2013. As of 2017, 17% of the program participants have graduated.

Academic Tutoring

The Academic Tutoring program was created as part of orientation offered to UDLAP students in order to improve academic performance through the attention of learning experts. The program accompanies the students academically and personally if they face problems at the university.

The program fulfills several needs, including:

  • Group study
  • Changes in major
  • Academic monitoring
  • Referral to student support services
  • First Year Program

Below is the distribution of the 11,189 tutoring sessions offered to more than 4,000 students in this program.

Academic advising

This program supports students throughout their undergraduate years to help them conclude their studies successfully. In the advising process, full time faculty track the students’ academic performance and help in problem solving. Academic tutoring also sends students to different learning centers, as these are a valuable resource for the entire student population. The program has continually aided a greater number of students, helping them adapt to university life. Last year 34% of undergraduate students were attended to in this program.

Learning centers

Starting Fall 2016, the Learning Centers were integrated under a central administration. Learning Centers are spaces where students can benefit from specific tools to support self-directed learning. To date there are three learning centers: Mathematical Learning Center, Foreign Language Learning Center and the Academic Writing and Critical Thinking Center. Over the past five years more than 7,000 students have benefited from these centers. The following information shows the percentage of attention by center in 2016 and 2017, respectively.

During the past two years a yearly average of 2,000 advising sessions has been offered, and a total of 14,000. The centers are proof of the institution’s commitment to the teaching-learning process for its students.

International Student Mobility

As part of its integral education mission, the institution has several international agreements that enable students to participate in academic exchanges, internships and community service with universities overseas. In the last five years, there has been growing interest from our UDLAP students and students from our partner institutions to take advantage of the international programs offered by this institution.

The percentage of students participating in these overseas programs has increased. More than 4,000 students have participated in international programs over the past five years.

More than 50% of UDLAP who travel abroad do so via an academic exchange. The university will continue to seek new alternatives so that more academic programs can offer double degree programs simultaneously, as well as a greater variety of international programs. More than 65% of foreign students who study at UDLAP do so on a regular academic exchange. The university will continue to seek new alternatives so that more academic programs can offer double degree programs simultaneously, as well as a greater variety of international programs.