Fee-Paying Visiting Students

UDLAP opens its doors to students who have finished their High school studies, or come from a university with which UDLAP does not have an established agreement. These students are considered Visiting Students, who can temporally enroll at UDLAP paying an admission and tuition deposit.

UDLAP has to offer a variety of academic opportunities to Non Exchange Students, such as content and language courses, Service Learning, and Internships opportunities!


In case your university has an agreement with us, we invite you to apply as an exchange student. Information about dates and application process can be found at: https://www.udlap.mx/international/exchange-students.aspx

Tuition Costs

Tuition Costs

At UDLAP, all courses are classified as units and most of them are equivalent to 6 units. However, there will be some with higher or lower units depending on the field and level of study.

Undergraduate 18 units 2 units
Graduate 12 units 2 units

Please send a copy of the bank transaction confirmation along with their application. Acceptance letters will not be issued until this payment is made.

The unit cost will depend on the level of studies, for more information please visit http://www.udlap.mx/internas/finanzas.aspx?idioma=2.

Visiting student does not have a maximum unit limit while studying at UDLAP. He/She can take as many units and courses as needed. In order to get the full cost of a class, multiply the unit cost by the total number of units taken according to the level studies.

For information about the accommodation options and cost, please visit http://www.udlap.mx/internas/finanzas.aspx.

*All currency is shown in Mexican Pesos MXN. The unit cost is subject to change every semester and without previous notice.

**Workshops, room and board not included.



All general financial inquiries should be sent to:
Incoming coordinator
Email: incoming.udlap@udlap.mx

How to apply?

Admission Requirements for Fee-Paying Visiting Student

International Affairs Office at UDLAP aims to attract the most outstanding students from all over the world. We expect these students to meet the following requirements:

  • To have finished high School or to be currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program at a university.

Application Instructions and Deadlines


Step 1: Seek Approval (only for students already enrolled in a university)

Fee-Paying Visiting student must notify the academic advisor at his/her home university about their interest in studying at UDLAP. This advisor will include his/her contact information in the corresponding section of the application form.

Step 2: Fill out the Application Form

The UDLAP application form must be downloaded and completed using the following instructions:

  • The name must be used exactly as it appears on the passport.

  • The citizenship information must be entered correctly. If the student is a dual citizen, it is important to inform us of both citizenships.

  • Under Permanent Address, the address where the student lives when he/she is not at school must be used. This is most likely the parent's address.

  • Under Mailing Address, the address where the student lives while at school must be used. If this is also the permanent address, it is not necessary to fill out this section.

  • When selecting the number of semesters the student is applying for under Academic Information, make sure the correct option is selected. If the student is applying for two semesters or more, he/she should select the Full Academic Year (Aug-May or Jan-Dec) option.

  • Current Level of Study:

  • If the student is enrolled in a university, please indicate the current level (undergraduate or graduate) and year of study (first though fourth).

  • If this is not the case, please select “Undergraduate Student” and “First Year”.

IMPORTANT: No changes will be made after submitting the application.

  • All fee-paying students interested in learning Spanish as a foreign language has to take a placement test during Orientation Week in order to confirm the correct level. Please contact Dr. Magdalena Mejia at the following e-mail address magdalena.mejia@udlap.mx if you have questions.

IMPORTANT: Even if the student is not enrolling in courses taught in Spanish, we recommend managing a basic level of Spanish.

  • Under accommodation, the accommodation choice the student considers must be selected. Students must apply directly to Residential Colleges (colegios.universitarios@udlap.mx) for on-campus accommodation once they receive their acceptance letter, which contains their ID student number. It is important to note that Graduate students taking 500-level courses are not allowed to stay in Residential Colleges unless they come to UDLAP as Undegraduate students taking 400-level courses. Students applying to Residential Colleges must also be younger than 24 years old.

  • The Health Insurance section must be read carefully. An international student must have a health international insurance including repatriation in case of death, sanitary and emergency evacuation.

Step 3: Send all required documents to UDLAP


IMPORTANT: All documents must be sent by email in a PDF file to incoming.udlap@udlap.mx by the application deadline.

  • Application for Admission form properly filled out as indicated.

  • Copy of Passport (valid throughout the entire stay at UDLAP).

  • Official academic transcript:

  • If the student already coursed the first semester in the home university, please send the official academic transcript with the institution´s signature and stamp.

  • If the student just finished High School, please send the student’s high school official notes.

  • All transcripts must be translated into Spanish or English.

  • UDLAP’s medical form approved and signed by the student’s doctor or healthcare provider.

  • ONE FRONT VIEW PASSPORT-SIZE PHOTO, IN COLOR AND WHITE BACKGROUND, WITH A MINIMUN RESOLUTION OF 300X300. This photo is mandatory and must be delivered in JPG format with your full name: first name(s), last name(s). We cannot accept cropped photos from trips, social media, events, selfie, etc.

  • Copy of the international medical insurance policy that will be used during the exchange (it must include name, date of birth, policy number and coverage details. It must also include repatriation in case of death, emergency and sanitary evacuation).

  • Copy of the payment/transaction confirmation (20 units: 2 units admission fee and 18 units deposit).


  • Copy of Bachelor’s degree from the student’s home University with stamp and program coordinator’s signature or letter from institution.


Deadlines for nominations Study Term
October 1, 2021 Spring semester and Full year 2022
May 1, 2022 Fall semester 2022 and Full academic year 2022-2023

Deadlines for applications Study Term
October 15, 2021 Spring semester and Full year 2022
May 15, 2022 Fall semester 2022 and Full academic year 2022-2023

Please ALL application materials must be received at the International Affairs office on the application deadline

In case you want to stay at on-campus dormitories, you must apply before October 1, for the Fall term, or April 20, for the Spring term. After these dates applications will be subject to availability.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance

All International Students at UDLAP, without exception, are required to have international health and medical insurance coverage for the entire period of stay in Mexico, and that must include:

  • International emergency and sanitary evacuation.

  • Repatriation of remains in case of death.

Once purchased the student’s own international health insurance in his/her home country, he/she will have to provide us with:

  • A copy of the policy, including name, date of birth, policy number, emergency phone number of the insurance company, coverage dates and at least 4 hospital’s at Puebla where the insurance is accepted, prior to the arrival at UDLAP.

IMPORTANT: The student will not be able to sign up for courses officially if he/she has not yet provided proof of medical insurance to the International Affairs Office.

Visa Services at UDLAP

Studies in Mexico for less than 180 days


  • If the student’s study program at UDLAP lasts less than 180 days,  and if the student’s nationality is registered on the following list http://www.inm.gob.mx/index.php/page/Paises_No_Visa, it is possible to enter in México as a VISITOR and obtaining a VISA is not necessary. The student only needs a valid passport.

  • If the student’s study program at UDLAP lasts less than 180 days and if the student’s nationality is registered on the following list http://www.inm.gob.mx/index.php/page/Paises_Visa, he/she has to obtain a VISITOR VISA* (Visa de Visitante*)  in the embassy or consulate of Mexico nearest to his/her place of residence.

In order to know where are located the embassies and consulates of Mexico in the student’s country, the following links can be checked. 

In order to know the requirements needed to obtain the visa, the student can contact his/her home university or the embassy or consulate of Mexico in his/her country.

* Students with VISITOR status cannot change or extend their stay in Mexico and cannot recieve any type of remuneration in the country.


During the trip to Mexico, the migration staff will deliver a Multiple Migratory Form (MMF) “Forma Migratoria Múltiple (FMM)”, which must be filled by the student with his/her personal information.

Once in the port-of-entry, the migration staff will ask the student to show the following documents:

  • The Multiple Migratory Form (FMM)

  • The valid passport

Both documents will be stamped with the date of arrival and the student will be allowed to stay in Mexico for a period of 180 calendar days.


During the entire stay in Mexico, the student must preserve the part of the Multiple Migratory Form (FMM) given by the staff of migration back at the port-of-entry.  This form will be required to travel within Mexico and return to the home country.

Studies in Mexico for more than 180 days


Due to the fact that the student’s study program in Mexico lasts more than 180 days,  the student must obtain a STUDENT TEMPORARY RESIDENT VISA  “Visa De Residente Temporal Estudiante” in the embassy or consulate of Mexico nearest to his/her place of residence.

In order to know where are located the embassies and consulates of Mexico in the student’s country, the following links can be checked. 

In order to know the requirements needed to obtain the visa, the student can contact his/her university or the embassy or consulate of Mexico in his/her country.


During the trip to Mexico, the migration staff will deliver a Multiple Migratory Form (MMF) “Forma Migratoria Múltiple (FMM)”, which must be filled by the student with his/her personal information.

Once in the port-of-entry, the migration staff will ask the student to show the following documents:

  • The Multiple Migratory Form (FMM)

  • The passport

Both documents will be stamped with the date of arrival and the student will have a period of 30 calendar days to obtain a temporary residence card.  


From the arrival in Mexico, the student has 30 calendar days to request a TEMPORARY RESIDENCE CARD AS A STUDENT “Tarjeta De Residencia Temporal Como Estudiante” at the National Migration Institute in Puebla.

This card allows the student to stay in Mexico for one year from the date of arrival and permits multiple enterings and outgoings of Mexico during the validity of the document. The expiration date will appear on the front of the card.

If the student wants to extend the exchange, the TEMPORARY RESIDENCE CARD AS A STUDENT must be renewed within 30 calendar days prior to its expiration. If not, the student could be liable to a financial penalty by the National Migration Institute.

At the request of the student, the area of immigration services at UDLAP can undertake the necessary steps to obtain or renew the student’s TEMPORARY RESIDENCE CARD AS STUDENT.

For more information, please contact the area of immigration services at UDLAP.

Mailing Address

Edit Maupome Huerta
Immigration Services
Fundación Universidad de las Américas Puebla
Ex Hacienda Sta. Catarina Mártir, 72810
San Andrés Cholula, Puebla, México.
1 Building

Academic Programs

Course Registration

Before arriving at UDLAP, the student’s UDLAP Incoming Coordinator will send him/her a course selection form that must be filled out. According to this form, the UDLAP Incoming Coordinator will sign the student up for his/her courses 1 month prior to the begining of the semester. The student will receive an email with his/her class schedule and it will be possible to make changes.


During the first 3 days of classes at UDLAP, the student will be able to add and/or drop courses. After this time, there will be no additional changes.

Course Offering for International Students

  1. An International Student may enroll in courses from any of our degrees, according to his/her level of study (undergraduate or master). 

  2. An International Student may enroll in courses from any level of any study area, as long as his/her study degree (graduate or undergraduate) is maintained.

  3. UDLAP offers courses in Spanish and English, please check the availability of courses in each language. 

  4. In order to see the study plans of each degree, click Study Plans: https://www.udlap.mx/ofertaacademica/mapaoferta.aspx?idioma=2


If the Exchange Student is wishing to take courses of Culinary Arts, Anthropology, Medicine and Nursing, he/she must ask for approval before applying.

Course Catalogue

  1. The catalogue for each semester is published about one month before the semester begins.

  2. The student will be notified via e-mail; if necessary, it also can be checked directly by clicking on General Course Catalogue*: https://www.udlap.mx/inscripciones/default.aspx#catalogoCursos.

    * Course availability is subject to change even if it is published in the General Course Catalogue. UDLAP reserves the right to open or close courses depending on the course demand.

  3. If the student wishes to take only courses taught in English, he/she should take a look at the English Course Catalogue*:

  8. * These courses are from previous semesters and might not be available by the students’ arrival period.

  9. If additional course information or syllabus is needed, please contact the UDLAP incoming coordinator with the UDLAP course name and number.

Course Guidelines


  • Undergraduate courses (only levels 100-490)

  • Master (only levels 500-590)


Undergraduate courses at UDLAP typically have course numbers from 100-400.

  • 100-290 level courses are introductory, first and second year courses.

  • 300-390 level courses are intermediate, third year courses.

  • 400-490 level courses are advanced undergraduate level courses taken by students during their final year.

IMPORTANT: Undergraduate International Students cannot take graduate level courses 500 and above.

Graduate courses at UDLAP typically have course numbers from 500 upwards and may be conducted on a trimester basis.

Language Requirements

All students who come from a non-Spanish speaking country must complete an online placement test. Your results will not affect the acceptance of your application.

Most courses at UDLAP are taught in Spanish and some others are offered in English. If you want to take courses in English and you come from a non-English speaking country, you must proof at least a B2 level proficiency.


Spanish courses for foreigners are available every semester for Undergraduate Students willing to learn Spanish. After receiving your letter of acceptance you will receive instructions on how to take the online placement test. 

The offer of Spanish courses for Spring 2021 is as follows:

Code Course General objective Level of Spanish proficiency required CEFR/ACTFL
EPE0111 Español I: Lengua y Comunicación To produce short phrases, simple questions and brief descriptions about everyday life situations and topics used in routine settings in order to establish basic communication with Spanish speakers. Beginners
EPE0231 Cultura Mexicana To analyze aspects of Mexican culture, identifying some of its most characteristic features; to exercise reading comprehension and production written in Spanish. A1/Novice High
EPE0321 Manifestaciones culturales del Mundo Hispano To exercise listening comprehension and oral production by analyzing various cultural manifestations of Spanish-speaking countries; to appreciate cultural and linguistic diversity. A2/Lower Intermediate, Intermediate Mid
EPE0411 Español IV: Lengua y comunicación To distinguish between linguistic and pragmatic meanings; to document observations and experiences; to be able to argue in formal Spanish format. B1/Intermediate Mid, Intermediate High

Academic Calendar


Transferring Credits Back Home

Credit equivalencies are:
1 Unidad UDLAP = ½ of USA credits
1 Unidad UDLAP = 1 ECTS

Whether or not credits for course work will be accepted by the student´s university is determined by the home institution.  It is the student’s responsibility to confirm which classes he/she can transfer credits for (in case the student wants to transfer his/her credits at the end of the fee-paying visiting program).

Keys and equivalences for grading scores at UDLAP

Undergraduate Master
10 10 Outstanding
9.0 - 9.9 9.0 - 9.9 Very Good
8.0 - 8.9 8.0 - 8.9 Good
7.5 - 7.9 Sufficient
7.5 8 Minimum passing score

This additional information will be found in the UDLAP transcript:

AC Accredited
BA Academic Drop
BV Voluntary Drop
CP Pending Note
EP Pending Evaluation
EQ/EQV Equivalence
NA Non-Accredited
SC Unrated
REV Studies abroad revalidation
RT Total Withdrawal
IN Indefinite score
ME Extra Courses

Academic Transcript

An official academic transcript will be provided as follows:
Only one official transcript can be issued for each student at the end of his/her period at UDLAP. The transcript will be sent to the address provided by the student (or if the student remains in Mexico, the transcript can be picked up at the International Affairs Office).

  • If the student’s studies at UDLAP end on FALL semester, the transcript will be sent by the end of January.

  • If the student’s studies at UDLAP end on SPRING semester, the transcript will be sent by the end of July.


  • UDLAP will not release any transcript if the student fails to complete the pre-departure process, or leaves any outstanding debts at UDLAP. There are no exemptions to this.

  • UDLAP Official Transcript will only be issued in Spanish. In case the transcript is required in other language, the student must contact a certified translator.


If the student needs an extra copy of his/her UDLAP transcript, there will be an additional cost.

In order to request additional transcripts, the student must:

  • Go to the Registrar Office in order to request the cost of the additional transcript/s.

  • Make the payment for the transcript/s at Unicaja.

  • Hand the Unicaja payment receipt in to his/her UDLAP Incoming Coordinator.

  • His/Her Administrative Coordinator will ship the additional transcripts to him/her according to the dates mentioned above.

Internships and Community Service Programs

Internships and Community Service Programs

If the student is seeking for an unforgettable experience that will create a positive impact among people in need or being part of a Mexican company as an intern, UDLAP proposes Internships and Community Service Programs.

Both programs will:

  • Increase the student’s experience in Mexico.

  • Allow the student to know more of its culture.

  • Enhance the student’s professional experience.

  • Improve the student’s level of Spanish.

A Fee-Paying Visiting Student can choose one of these programs as part of his/her 5 classes available and revalidate the credits (6 ECTS/3 USA credits) during his/her semester(s) at UDLAP.


Thanks to the Internships, the student will work as an intern in a company and develop skills in the application of theory to practical work situation in Mexican companies.

The academic areas covered for Internships are: Business, Social Sciences and Humanities.

Community Service

The student can do many social activities such as helping and working with poor communities in Puebla surroundings, teaching and working with orphan kids, teaching lessons in a public school, helping the environment or supporting nonprofit Organizations in Cholula and Puebla, as well as many other options.
Any student subscribed in the semester and interested in the program can participate.


  • Minimum level of proficiency in Spanish of B1 (Low Intermediate).

  • To be enrolled as an undergraduate student in one of our programs.


  • General informative meeting.

  • Course registration (Internship or Community Service).

  • Individual interview with the International Affairs Office staff.

  • Informative group meeting.

  • Interview with the company or organization.

  • Instructional classes with a qualified professor that will guide and advise the student in everything that he/she may need for a complete experience in an internship or community service.

  • The student chooses his/her own schedule to go to the companies or organizations!