Workshops and Trips


International students at UDLAP always want to travel Mexico to get to know the many beautiful cities that make up our country.  Get to know Mexico, as well as its culture and traditions, through the Trips organized by the UDLAP.  Trips may include visits to museums, archeological sites, historical sites, visits and interviews with artisans and craftsmen. All trips include: ground transportation, guides and entrance fees.

Explore Mexico through the exciting and enriching travel opportunities offered by the Office of Student Life Please consult the following link for more information

Welcome Trip

As part of the Orientation Week Activities, all International students are invited to take part in the Welcome Trip!
It is a day filled with fun and challenging activities where students get to know each other as well as develop teamwork and leadership skills.

An adventurous retreat where you will be led through a high-and low-rope trail by certified professionals. You will learn how your abilities and skills impact others by working in a group, developing the inner leader in you.

“Brilliant trip!” Exchange Student, 2014, United Kingdom.
“It is the best way to get to know people!” Exchange Student, 2013, Australia.


UDLAP organizes various workshops for the student community, within the following categories:

  1. Dance (Salsa, bachata, contemporary dance, Polynesian dance, Arabian dance, etc.)
  2. Physical Wellbeing (Fit dance, stability ball, Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, etc.)
  3. Artistic Expression (Drawing, painting, Photography, Acting, etc.)
  4. Music (Guitar, drums, piano, choir, saxophone, etc.)
  5. Sports (Cross Fit, Body Work, Boxing, Jiu Jitzu, Ice Hockey, Swimming, Kick Boxing, etc..)

All workshops are organized by the Office of Student Life, and are a great way of getting to know other students at UDLAP! You will receive more information about these workshops during Orientation Week.

For more information on workshops please visit: Workshops: