AVISOS: Regreso al campus - Mayo 5, 2021

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To the university community:

On April 14, 2021 Puebla’s Secretary of Education issued the “Guidelines to resume practical academic activities for Higher Education Institutions (Instituciones de Educación Superior - IES)”, where we were informed of the need to present information for authorization to return to campus according to the following conditions:

  1. During the red traffic light all activities will continue to be online.
  2. During the orange traffic light, the Health and Biology Science Labs will open, if the IES meet the criteria specified in the corresponding sanitary protocols and follow the guidelines issued by the state education authorities.
  3. During the yellow traffic light labs of different licenciaturas that due to their study program require practices or workshops (such as engineering, tourism, etc.) that have the sanitary conditions will open.
  4. During the green traffic light on campus classes for all licenciaturas will start, complying with the different protocols specified in the corresponding section. In this process it is important to consider the conditions of students and the IES.  Different education models (semi on campus, hybrid and mixed) will be prioritized to provide pertinent answers to students.

The work developed in the last months have allowed us to provide the files requested by the authorities, including the documentation of all protocols and the physical adaptations necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19. On April 27 and 28 personnel from Puebla’s Secretary of Public Education visited the campus to validate that the guidelines were met, and as of today we are in the final stage of the approval process for the staggered return to campus under the “Hybrid UDLAP” model.

Puebla State Regional Monitoring System still shows San Andrés Cholula in orange traffic light, and therefore, according to the guidelines established by the authorities to return to academic practices in the first stage, students who are enrolled in Health Science and Biology Science may return to the labs, as well as the  faculty responsible for these courses and administrative personal that is required.

The students who can voluntarily return to campus will be informed via email and will be provided the requirements that must be met to return to campus. It is important to stress that only those students who receive an email may return during this first stage.

Once we receive authorization to return to campus, we will immediately begin entry, opening of Residential Colleges, and support services protocols for the university community. We ask foreign students to confirm their travel plans until you are informed of the reopening date.

Any request for information will be only via email and all data will be treated according to the Law of Protection of Data in Possession of Third Parties

As the traffic light system changes, we will continue to inform the university community of their return to campus activities, as indicated in the guidelines published by the State education authorities.

Our commitment is to have the proper conditions for an orderly and safe return that benefits the UDLAP community, which is why it is indispensable that you keep informed through our official media channels to know the steps we will follow to achieve it: UDLAP Informa, email and social media or at www.udlap.mx/regresoalcampus

At UDLAP we are ready. The only thing missing is you!


President’s Office

Si tienes alguna duda sobre esta información o requieres apoyo, puedes contactar a:

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