Pagos y colegiaturas - Universidad de las Américas Puebla (UDLAP)
Pagos y colegiaturas - Universidad de las Américas Puebla (UDLAP)
Tuition and Fees

Costs and Fees

Program Cost per unit
Mexican pesos
Spring 2022
Undergraduate $3,050
On campus Master/Hybrid Master $3,780
Online Master $3,200
Doctorate $4,100

- Fees subject to change without previous notice.

Residential Colleges

We offer a unique concept of residences for students in Mexico. We have five Residential Colleges: Cain-Murray, Ray Lindley, Ignacio Bernal, José Gaos and Fernando Macías Rendón.

Only single rooms will be available for Spring Semester 2022 in adherence to COVID 19 health recommendations.

The cost per room will be $25,820 with no additional charge for price differential; except for the deluxe and master rooms.

This will only apply for the Spring semester 2022.

Admission fee to Residential Colleges (one-time fee): $4,380

  • Valid information for Spring 2022.
  • Fees subject to change without previous notice.
  • Does not apply to exemption due to withdrawal or cancellation from Residential Colleges.

Other fees

Differential fees

The student must enroll in at least 30 units per semester at undergraduate level; otherwise, an additional unit fee will be charged as follows:

Enrollment units Additional Units to Pay

From 1 to 11 units

4 units

From 12 to 17 units

3 units

From 18 to 23 units

2 units

From 24 to 29 units

1 unit 

* Does not apply to students who have finished 90% of required units.

Late fees

Late tuition fee

Regardless of when the tuition advance payment is made, if the student registers after the regular period, an additional fee of one unit will be charged to his/her account statemen

Late medical exam fee

All new students who take their medical exam after their first registered period will have to pay a late medical exam fee of $750.

* Information valid for Spring 2022.
* Fees subject to change without previous notice.

Withdrawal from UDLAP

In case of temporary or permanent withdrawal from UDLAP, the student must cover the tuition costs for the registered period, unless they withdraw within the specified dates. The withdrawal process must be made at the - Registrar’s Office.

The number of days to determine the waiver percentage starts on the first business day of classes of the academic period and ends on the date in which Registrar’s Office receives the information to start the withdrawal process.

IMPORTANT: If the procedure is carried out on a non-business day, for the purposes of calculating the withdrawal, the date of the next business day will be taken.

Semester Program Trimester and Summer Program
Days Waiver Percent Days Waiver Percent

From 1st to 5th


From 1st to 2nd


From 6th to 10th


From 3rd to 5th


From 11th to 14th


From 6th to 7th


From the 15th day


From the 8th day


* Applies only to tuition.
* New students must abide by the current guidelines.

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