As a professional in Communications and Image, you will have the necessary knowledge to have a successful career in this area in the public or private sector.  You will become a communications strategist, developing campaign messages, analyzing and conducting investigations focused on the communication of public opinion, and deciphering defined languages with specific tools.



As a professional in Communications and Public Image, you will master the theoretical and practical aspects of this discipline, which will allow you to analyze and diagnose communication problems. Also, you will design, implement and evaluate solid and substantiated solutions in the field of communications and public image.  Additionally, you will understand the processes of interpersonal, group, organizational and mass communication, focused on creating commercial applications to diffuse ideas and products.

Specific Objective

In your studies in Communications and Public Image, you will be able to:

  • Analyze theories that allow you to approach general social science issues and specific communications and public image problems.

  • Solve communications and public image problems, through the application of theoretical, methodological, technical and practical foundations.

  • Understand the processes of interpersonal, group, organizational and mass communications, focused on commercial applications and broadcasting of ideas and products.

  • Develop public opinion investigations.

  • Design persuasive communication messages.

  • Identify vulnerable, at risk, rural and specific population communities that have special education and social needs.



  • Conviction to work for the common good and to strive for success.

  • Openness in the area of knowledge, culture and intercultural relations.

  • Vision to accomplish goals through learning.

  • Consideration for freedom of expression challenges.

  • Interest to understand the process of message production in information media.



At the end of your studies, having advanced your education and increased your abilities, you will also have:

  • Understanding of the social and cultural structures that influence the behavior of an audience.

  • Ability to design publicity campaigns that accomplish an effective positioning of ideas, behaviors and products.

  • Ability to produce persuasive and effective messages in various platforms, traditional as well as digital.

  • Capacity to implement communication projects: knowing how to plan, process, execute, control and evaluate institutional plans, procedures and programs.

  • Knowledge of the multicultural aspects inherent to communication processes, such as identity, gender, race and social class issues.

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