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As a graduate from the Bachelor of Communications and Public Relations you will be able to select, apply, manage, and evaluate communication strategies. You will also implement qualitative and quantitative methodologies focused on detecting problems, identifying audiences, evaluating media, selecting tactics, and developing strategies, either in traditional or digital platforms. You will help to improve communications and public relations in private and public companies, building an image and reputation based on ethics and social commitment that impact both locally and globally.

Once you have finished your study program, you will have a bachelor´s degree in addition to a licenciatura degree.  Therefore, your studies will be recognized worldwide.

In addition to enhancing your entry skills, at the Licenciatura in Communications and Public Relations we propose to:

  • Teach you to apply communication theories through different methodologies to approach problems of scientific construction of knowledge in social sciences.
  • Make you aware of corporate elements through communication techniques and methodologies to implement adequate solutions to business problems.
  • Train you to use communication and public relations procedures, promoting leadership, ethics, creativity, and feedback to develop an optimal organizational culture.
  • Train you to use emerging media, evaluating their influence and importance to improve an organization’s communications and public relations in a digital context.
  • Show you to strategically select audiences and markets, using the principles of integral communication, to guarantee that public relations campaigns work appropriately for organizations and individuals.
  • Help you to propose solutions to social problems through the use of communication models to identify areas of opportunity that will strengthen institutions.
  • Teach you to manage communication projects in traditional and emerging media, evaluating techniques and strategies to create solutions to specific problems.
  • Determined to achieve goals through learning.
  • Willing to work for the greater good and to be successful, both personally and as part of a group.
  • Desires to study the discipline, culture in general, and interpersonal relations.
  • Is interested in understanding the communication process within different public and private organizations.
  • Wants to understand interpersonal, group, organizational, and mass communication processes.
  • Is interested in doing research in communications to implement strategic public relations solutions.
  • Masters communication theories, identifying the corporate elements through public relations techniques and methodologies, and implements solutions for an organization’s internal and external communications.
  • Competent in selecting different audiences and markets, using the principles of integral communications marketing, to guarantee that campaigns work correctly for organizations and individuals.
  • Knows how to draft persuasive speeches through the analysis of their semiotic and rhetorical components, to create efficient messages that impact public opinion in both local and global environments.
  • Able to evaluate the behavior of an organization by analyzing its historical and current context and prepare the institution for future crisis situations, minimizing or eradicating the consequences before they happen.
  • Capable of strategic planning in public relations, in traditional and digital media, to build strong brands with a solid corporate image, selecting the most relevant public relations techniques for each organization.
  • Able to develop public relations projects in traditional and digital formats, evaluating the most adequate techniques to create integral communication strategies that respond to communication problems in public and private organizations, in order to project their image and reputation.
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