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Residential Colleges

The Residential College system at Universidad de las Américas Puebla is made up of learning communities where our students live and socialize, building and sharing what they learn through everyday activities.

Its spaces have been designed to offer experiences that help students reinforce knowledge and respect themselves and others.  These spaces are where community relationships, friendships, and fellowships are built, which aid in the ethical formation of our students in a multicultural environment.

The Residential Colleges offer our students academic and personal support to help them  become a successful member of the academic life of the University, and to grow as human beings who are responsible for themselves, others, and their environment.

University life is a space of constant creation of knowledge.  A transformation happens in the classroom with everyday activities.  Therefore, at the Residential colleges we constantly strive to create environments where meaningful experiences are offered to the students who live here.  In this way, we participate in the learning process that will influence the future way of living of our graduates – as successful professionals and as responsible citizens.

Mission and Objectives


Universidad de las Américas Puebla, offers you the concept of university residences. The UDLAP Residential College System is unique in Mexico. Its antecedents are the systems found in Yale and Harvard.

The purpose of the Colleges is to promote the integral development that helps the “whole person” arise.  They build organized communities at a small scale, where each student is known and backed by the faculty. Their personal and academic concerns are channeled to specialized personnel.  Friendships, personal growth, and leadership potential are encouraged here.


Universidad de las Américas Puebla is a pioneer in Mexico in offering its students the Residential College system.  The four Colleges, each one led by a member of the faculty and governed with student participation, are not only dormitories but also educational communities. Their goal is to complement the classroom, contributing to the general education and integral formation of its students.

By planned activities and an organized student life, the Colleges strive to integrate learning processes and university life, to deepen what students can learn from each other.  Each College has a strong sense of community – a home away from home – and provides students with support and professional guidance for their personal and academic development.  Life at the Colleges seeks to broaden the students’ cultural experience and to contribute not only to their academic success, but also to their ethical formation, leadership ability, and civic responsibility.

Structure of the Colleges

Head of the College

Person responsible for its management and operation.


Students whose mission is to guide and ensure the wellbeing of a group of students.

Student Cabinet

Student government that represents the residents and helps the Regent to enrich the student life at the College.


Personnel who supervise that the university rules and regulations are met, and who make sure that the facilities are in optimal conditions. They also assist the College during emergencies.


Personnel who supervise the entrance of residents, visitors, and university staff.

Also, each College has maintenance and cleaning personnel.

Admissions Office

Tel.: +52 (222) 229 25 10


This document has the Policies of Student Life at the Residential Colleges at Fundación Universidad de las Américas Puebla (UDLAP), where the coexistence values are briefly described. The document also includes the policies, rules, and regulations that guide everyday life, and the student organizations that govern the Colleges, which agree with the General Student Bylaw.


  • Policy: courtesy and proper way to behave.
  • Regulation: rule that must be followed and to which behavior, tasks, activities, etc. must conform.
  • Rule: that which must be followed because the community has agreed upon to do.

Residential Colleges Regulation