Answering to the needs of the gastronomy industry, UDLAP offers you the program in Culinary Arts to help you become a professional in the field. Through our program you will receive theoretical and practical knowledge to be successful in the labor market, whether it is in Mexico or abroad. You will also be prepared to further your education with specialties or graduate work in prestigious institutions. As a professional, you may work in restaurants, hotels, industrial kitchens and many other options, since you will be an expert in national and international cuisine.



As a professional in Culinary Arts, you will master the internationally accepted best practices of this career, as well as the technical language used in order to apply traditional and vanguard procedures in the elaboration of dishes from different countries. You will learn the areas of accounting, management and marketing in order to efficiently run operations in any food service company.

Specific Objective

As well as expanding your initial aptitudes, in Culinary Arts you will:

  • Prepare you to work in different countries and environments, through participation in multicultural courses.

  • Increase your abilities to manage kitchen crews and hygiene rules.

  • Make you an expert in handling, controlling and managing costs of food and drink.

  • Promote in you a desire to discover new flavors and culinary cultures.

  • Perfect your managerial skills.

  • Foster your inclination for customer satisfaction.

  • Give you the ability to adapt to different job situations.

  • Train you to be a leader in managing teams.



  • Conviction to work for the common good and to strive for success.

  • Openness in the area of knowledge, culture and interpersonal relations.

  • Vision to accomplish goals through learning.

  • Predilection for quality of service.

  • Ability to manage teams.



At the end of your studies, having acquired new knowledge and expanded your abilities, you will have:

  • Ability to use diverse methods of service presentation and setup.

  • Expertise in techniques to make breads, pastries and desserts.

  • Ability to correctly create hot and cold dishes.

  • Experience to establish efficient policies in operation management of food services.

  • Ability to manage any kitchen, restaurant, cruise ship, hospital and industrial kitchen.

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