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As a graduate from the Bachelor of Multicultural Relations you will diagnose national and international conflicts derived from cultural differences; you will design strategies for such conflicts, from the theoretical, methodological, and practical point of view of social sciences and business, to build bridges between different groups, and thus promote intercultural negotiations as a mechanism for constructive change in social, political, and business circles.

Once you have finished your study program, you will have a bachelor´s degree in addition to a licenciatura degree.  Therefore, your studies will be recognized worldwide.

In addition to enhancing your entry skills, at the Licenciatura in Multicultural Relations we have proposed to develop you ability to:

  • Give you a foundation of multidisciplinary knowledge.
  • Provide as the base of your abilities theoretical and practical knowledge of the field.
  • Train you to use electronic media.
  • Promote your interest in obtaining and processing data in electronic media.
  • Foment in you the skills necessary to stand out in the job market.
  • Train you as a professional who is able to analyze your cultural medium.
  • Teach you to be consistently knowledgeable in your field of studies.
  • Is curious to understand the mentality and customs of different cultures.
  • Is interested in understanding how trade is conducted in different parts of the world.
  • Willing to work for the greater good and to be successful.
  • Determined to achieve goals through learning.
  • Able to evaluate problems related to cultural diversity in national and international contexts, and to devise useful mechanisms and strategies in the negotiation of conflicts that may derive from such diversity.
  • Commands international negotiation to promote constructive change in social, economic, and political spheres in order to propose solutions to concrete problems, both scientifically valid and humanly acceptable.
  • Able to analyze global facts, from a multidisciplinary perspective, to provide alternative analyses that guide decision-making in multicultural situations, building bridges between different groups.
  • Knows the processes of socio-political, cultural, and economic globalization and analyzes them through the identification of their local effects, to optimize their benefits and counteract their risks.
  • Able to devise solutions to general problems derived from the coexistence of culturally diverse groups, by determining the interests of each party and proposing constructive changes.
  • Able to integrate social science and business knowledge to solve multicultural conflicts and promote the construction of just societies.
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