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As a graduate from the Bachelor of Economics you will be able to analyze, interpret, and predict economic systems through the application of microeconomic and macroeconomic tools, techniques, and methodologies, and solve problems in public finance, international trade, economic policy, and economic development; you can work in government, banks, and finance departments in an interactive business environment that contemporary society requires.

Once you have finished your study program, you will have a bachelor´s degree in addition to a licenciatura degree.  Therefore, your studies will be recognized worldwide.

In addition to enhancing your entry skills, at the Licenciatura in Economics we propose to:

  • Develop your analytic skills.
  • Encourage your interest in research.
  • Provide you with wide knowledge of economic theory and quantitative methods.
  • Expose you to relevant knowledge of your field of study.
  • Promote in you alternative and complementary approaches to economics.
  • Encourage your ability to establish economic arguments based on critical thinking.
  • Counsel you to develop research projects.
  • Initiate you successfully in the job market, either in the public or private sector.
  • Prepare you for graduate studies in the economic area.
  • Interested in reflecting on the current social, economic, and financial situation of the country and other nations.
  • Looks to master the economic behavior factors that influence individuals, companies, and markets.
  • Willing to work for the greater good and to be successful.
  • Determined to achieve goals through learning.
  • Can face the challenges of an ever more competitive world.
  • Able to apply economic models by developing resource distribution models to solve the needs of society in different economic areas.
  • Capable of developing economic arguments clearly, precisely, and critically, both verbally and in writing, through an integration of assumptions and quantitative analysis to recommend solutions.
  • Knowledgeable to identify the main macroeconomic variables of a country by applying mathematical models to analyze short, mid-, and long term factors.
  • Able to analyze economic problems through mathematical models in order to design solutions based on public policies.
  • Facility to interpret math and statistical analysis results by relating variables, and to propose different actions.
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