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International Students

Our academic programs are accredited by Mexico’s Secretary of Public Education (SEP) so Universidad de las Américas Puebla, UDLAP, is able to grant the Mexican degree of Licenciatura, equivalent in other countries to an undergraduate degree. With a Licenciatura degree you obtain a Job Title, which is the document granted upon finishing your studies.

UDLAP is also accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges, SACSCOC, which allows us to grant Bachelor’s degrees.

UDLAP offers two undergraduate options for international students:

  • Licenciatura
  • Bachelor
Licenciatura / Bachelor Options

Given our commitment to educational standards in Mexico, our Bachelor Degree has 150 credits instead of an American 120 credit BA/BS.

Students who finish our Bachelor Degree will be academically ahead of students with a normal American BA/BS.

All students who finish their Licenciatura at UDLAP receive a Job Title, as well as a Bachelor Degree diploma, which is backed by SACSCOC. However, international students may opt to obtain only a Bachelor Degree. Below are the specifications for each option:

Licenciatura Specifications

International students who wish to obtain a Licenciatura degree and a Bachelor diploma must consider the following:

  • Study revalidation. All persons who studied outside of Mexico must re-validate their high school or equivalent studies before the Secretary of Public Education. This process must be done during the first six months of study at UDLAP, starting from the first day of classes.
  • 150 credits (300 Units) must be earned, generally in 8 or 9 semesters with a course load of 6 to 7 courses per semester.
  • All Licenciatura students must perform unpaid Social Service at a public institution.
  • Depending on the student’s academic performance, a thesis may be required to finish the Licenciatura studies.

Our Licenciatura programs are available at the following link

Bachelor Degree Specifications

International students who wish to obtain a Bachelor Degree must consider the following:

  • Revalidation before the Secretary of Public Education is not necessary.
  • 150 credits (300 Units) must be earned, generally in 8 or 9 semesters with a course load of 6 or 7 courses per semester.
  • No thesis is required.
  • No Social Service is required.

Our Bachelor Degree programs are available at the following link

* The Medical Surgeon, Dental Surgeon, Nursing and Law Programs, do not grant a Bachelor’s Degree Diploma at the end of it.

The Fall 2020 term starts on Monday August 10th, 2020.

Admission Procedure for Undergraduate Students

1. Verify if your high school or preparatory has an agreement with us

If your school has an agreement with us, you will have access to additional benefits.

Find your high school here»

2. Create your profile

Create your unique user account and start your admission process.

3. New admission exam

It is an academic aptitude test that measures the skills acquired during your student life and that are related to verbal and mathematical reasoning, this test can be applied ONLINE. The process to present the exam is as follows:

  • Fill out the online registration form:
  • Keep Folio No. and PIN that the system grants at the end of the registration.
  • Send an e-mail to informes.nuevoingreso@udlap.mx including your name; Folio No.; Pin that the system provided you before; and a copy of your personal ID for example: Passport or school ID.
  • Schedule an appointment to present the exam - it must coincide with a day from Monday to Friday between 9:00 - 15:00 h, Central Mexico time. It will last approximately 1 h with 50 minutes.
  • Later you will receive an email with the link that will give you access to the exam.

The admission exam measures academic aptitudes for verbal and mathematical reasoning (Language: Spanish).

  • Every student requires to apply an English Placement Test.
  • Every student requires to apply an Spanish Placement Test.

4. Basic Admission Documents

Once you have passed the admission exam, you may continue the admission process and obtain a student number. The following documents must be turned in to the Registrar in order to begin the admission process:

  • Print out the Admission Form. Fill out all required fields and sign the UDLAP information authorization letter.
  • One photocopy of your birth certificate or CURP (Mexican personal identification number).
  • Copy of the original High School transcript with GPA.

Once the Registrar has received your basic documentation, you will be given a student number and a PIN number. The PIN will be used to make payments.

Scholarships for International students»

Graduate Studies

International students may enroll in a SACSCOC backed Master or Doctorate at UDLAP.

Find our Master or Doctorate programs at the following link:

UDLAP is one of the most recognized Mexican private universities. Our professors, facilities, and campus are focused on making your university life something invaluable now and in the future.

Your time is now. Choose UDLAP.

International Advisors
  • Kurt Pérez

    Mexico Phone Number: (+52) 22 29 20 00 Ext. 5222
    Toll Free from the US: 01 800 220 770 400