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Tutoring is an individualized service which promotes a close relationship between the tutor-tutee through constructive dialogue and its central focus is learning. Each student has an academic tutor when they enter UDLAP.

The University, interested in establishing bonds of cordiality, trust and a medium propitious for good academic development, assigns academic tutors who are full-time professors of the institution, belonging to the department you have chosen to study. It is important to mention that the academic tutor stays with you throughout your whole university trajectory until you conclude your studies.

What can I talk about in academic tutoring?

Having the opportunity to meet with a full-time professor with vast experience in your field, will allow you to share your interests, academic preferences and establish first contact in a cordial environment. Subjects most frequent in a tutoring conversation are: reviewing your academic status, reviewing the study plan, orientation on foreign Universities according to your professional interest, honors program, university activities, orientation on institutional rules, among others. It is worth mentioning that all academic tutors are guided by the UDLAP Personal Data Protection Policy and Confidentiality Notice.

How does going to my academic tutor benefit me?

A tutor knows the university career you have chosen and their academic level offers a wide panorama on the profession and field of work you may develop in. Furthermore, a close bond is established which will allow you to talk about your worries and personal projects towards working in the profession you chose, since they will accompany you throughout your whole program.

According to the visits you make to your tutor semester by semester, you may strengthen the relationship of trust and communication and this way discover your abilities, qualities and interests that will allow you to have a guide toward your professional future.

Remember that each interview has an objective like: getting to know your tutor, reviewing your academic performance, orientation towards improving your academic and study skills, information to join an academic professor on a research project in your area, advice on the subjects you should enroll next semester, among others.

Who is my tutor and how do I request academic tutoring?

To consult your academic tutor’s information, you may do so through the application on your phone at the following link “UDLAP Student Life”. TYou may also send us an e-mail and we will be glad to send you your tutor’s full name and location. You may request a tutoring appointment by writing your tutor an e-mail at their institutional account.

What’s the difference between advisory and tutoring?

The difference between advisory and tutoring is that the former is focused towards matters related to a subject and specific questions, requested of the teacher that delivers the course, going to a Learning Center or joining a study group. On the other hand, in the latter, academic tutoring is a formative activity focused on the student which allows you a cordial and close meeting for support to enhance your qualities, develop your abilities and guide concerning your professional interests.

What academic information can I consult with my tutor?

The University has an electronic Academic tutoring portal where only your tutor will be able to consult your transcript, partial grades, academic status, advancement report and subject history. With said information, the tutor can guide you according to your advancement so you can make decisions and head toward the appropriate areas according to your needs. At the end of each tutoring session it is important for you to register your ID and password to confirm your attendance.

How long does an academic tutoring last?

Once the appointment with your academic tutor has been made, you may define the length of the conversation depending on the subject and the time the tutor has reserved for this activity. Remember you may schedule your next visit at the end of the first interview or request an appointment whenever you need to.

Academic Tutoring Office: CS-114
Phone: 2292000 ext: 5237
Business hours: 9:00 to 18:00 h