Through your studies in Financial Strategies and Public Accounting, you will acquire the knowledge necessary in the practice of your profession so you can have an influence in the labor, social, political and economic environments. The program seeks to promote a change in the way a traditional public accountant works and acts; therefore, you will have tools that will allow you to use efficiently and correctly the norms, principles, financial and accounting theories in diverse work environments.



As a professional in Financial Strategies and Public Accounting, you will be able to propose strategic and valid solutions to manage financial resources. Also, you will apply your knowledge as a mechanism for economic development, and will be able to master regulations, principles, and financial and accounting theories in different work environments.


Specific objective

In your studies in Financial Strategies and Public Accounting, you will be able to:

  • Responsibly value the formation process and practice of the profession, focusing on individual progress and interdisciplinary teamwork that shows a sense of belonging to the field of public accounting.

  • Know how to use the different techniques of this profession, carrying out data collection, analysis and strategic proposals.

  • Identify and understand the main business processes of the different areas in a company, as well as their economic impact.

  • Acquire the skills to make decisions using information and data, in combination with your intuition and analytical ability.

  • Demonstrate an analytical and critical disposition with regards to the economic environment to find areas of opportunity where financial strategies are the solution.

  • Identify communities that are vulnerable, at risk, rural, or those with special needs regarding the handling of accounting and legal information.



  • Conviction to work for the common good and to strive for success

  • Vision to accomplish goals through learning.

  • Ability to face the challenges of an increasingly competitive world.

  • Inclination to understand the strategic competencies of finance, accounting, taxes, auditing and administration.

  • Ability to anticipate risks and have control over problems when handling financial resources.



At the end of your studies, having advanced your education and increased your abilities, you will also have:


  • Knowhow required by the labor market, showing strategic competence in finance, accounting, taxes, auditing and administration.

  • Ability to interpret trends in financial markets, by considering economic, business, social and political variables.

  • Command of different financial and accounting theories to generate a correct diagnosis of the risk and economic well-being of organizations.

  • Skills to develop investment portfolios, managing risks and yields to suit the investor.

  • Mastery of strategies to carry out preventive actions, anticipating and managing systemic and diversifying risks.

  • Control of the theoretical elements that are the basis for the use of evaluation tools, designed to propose real solutions to manage financial resources.

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