Through the program of Actuarial Science you will get theoretical and practical bases to become a professional able to comprehend and structure risk measurement models and financial phenomena. At UDLAP, our innovative curriculum, certified by Consejo Nacional de Actuarios (National Council of Actuarial Science Professionals), will provide you with the opportunity to dominate the areas of consulting, insurance, pensions, finance and risk management, among others, so you can continue studying after graduation. You will be qualified to work in prestigious national and international companies and in insurance, banking, or the public sector, since you will be capable of analyzing and solving social, economic and financial problems.



As a professional in Actuarial Science, you will have a solid background on insurance, pensions, actuarial estimation, measurements and risk management. You will master branches of probability, statistics, and finance to solve possible economic and financial problems. Additionally, you will develop strategies and plans to identify potential risks and opportunities in industry and commerce.


Specific objective

Besides expanding you abilities at enrolment, the program of Actuarial Science has as objectives:

  • To give you a solid mathematical background.

  • To train you in structuring risk measurement models.

  • To teach you to handle financial systems of contingent events.

  • To instruct you in structuring mathematical, statistical, probability and optimization models.

  • To prepare you to apply models for the solution of social, economic, and financial problems.

  • To develop your abilities so you can work in the public or private sector.



  • Conviction to work for the common good and to strive for success.

  • Vision to accomplish goals through learning.

  • Ability to face the challenges of an increasingly competitive world.

  • Ability to criticize and value economic and social facts.

  • Predilection for numbers and statistics.



At the end of your studies, having acquired new knowledge and expanded your abilities, you will have:


  • Mastery of areas of probability, statistics, insurance, risk, pensions, finance, and demographics, among others, so you can pose and solve real life problems.

  • Capacity to apply mathematical techniques in researching, developing and modeling actuarial problems in Mexico and abroad.

  • Competence to analyze the effect that expenditures have in evaluating premiums and reserves in life insurance.

  • Ability to evaluate economic and social events subject to probability and finance laws.

  • Knowledge of basic techniques to calculate risk premiums and mathematical reserves in insurance.

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