The program of Business Administration has the purpose of preparing you to be successful in the job market. While you are at UDLAP you will receive knowledge and experience to be an efficient professional to meet the demands of any company. Our program is structured so, upon completion, you will be prepared to continue your studies following other courses or Master programs. As an administrator you will have the capacity to work in the public sector, consulting firms, banking among many other options, becoming an expert in small and large companies.



As a professional in Business Administration, you will master and use your knowledge of general administration, human resources, accounting, finance, and marketing in small and medium sized companies, as well as in big corporations. You will develop critical and creative reasoning capabilities to help you draft multi-disciplinary plans of action in order to solve problems in the short, medium and long term. You will possess analytic and strategic knowledge to accomplish internal efficiency of companies, as well as a good performance in their environment, all with an integral humanistic formation.


Specific objective

As well as expanding your initial aptitudes, in Business Administration you will:


  • Provide you with innovation to solve problems and contingent situations.

  • Give you a global perspective of the entrepreneurial world.

  • Increase your ability to adapt.

  • Surround you with academic leaders in the discipline.

  • Give you all the tools so you can be competitive in the job market.

  • Increase your talents for good performance in managerial positions and leadership functions in companies.

  • Promote an ample criterion about cultural diversity, so you can see it as a source of opportunities.



  • Conviction to work for the common good and to strive for success.

  • Vision to accomplish goals through learning.

  • Ability to face the challenges of an increasingly competitive world.
  • Ability to identify, analyze and solve problems within groups and associations.
  • Inclination towards planning, organizing, and allocating the available resources for specific projects.



At the end of your studies, having acquired new knowledge and expanded your abilities, you will have:


  • Capacity to design administration strategies that support and contribute in a company’s critical processes.

  • Ability to apply administration science in a company’s functional areas, such as: marketing, finance, operations, human resources, among others.

  • Skills when analyzing and solving problems in public or private organizations and NGO’s through the use of decision models.

  • Experience to create business plans, taking into account technological, social, economic and organizational elements.

  • Ability to use statistical techniques as applied to administration.

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