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This master promotes an analytical attitude to understand the current and future challenges to global governance, such as democratic legitimacy, accountability, and administrative efficiency to create new ideas in global governance.




To train masters who can manage, design, and evaluate human development and public policy strategies to solve the main challenges of globalization, using negotiation techniques and instruments to identify the manifestations of economic, political, and cultural events.




The applicant must have finished a licenciatura in Business, Social Science, Science and Engineering or similar areas and be able to analyze national and international public policies, examine the global context, be aware of strategies to solve these problems, and participate in discussions and debates effectively.




Upon completion of this master, the graduate will

  • Evaluate the transcendence of compared policy models through the understanding, classification, and deliberation of the different parts of governance in the global environment to identify and solve an organization’s problems.
  • Apply international negotiation methods and techniques by creating public policy projects to establish an opportune line of action between states, their institutions, and in the United Nations system.
  • Maintain a non- discriminatory conduct on the basis of gender, skin color, sexual orientation, or religion in order to promote human development and social wellbeing through a critical and constructive attitude in the creation of projects.
  • Analyze the theoretical-practical dynamics of lobbying by the study of contemporary problems to influence decisions of legislative branches of states and international organizations.
  • Examine the interaction between states and NGOs to detect the degree of transfer of state responsibilities to national or international NGOs, creating proposals of rules and regulations for global entities interactions.




  • Bachelor's Degree in international relations or related areas in social sciences, economics, administration, accounting or law.
  • Updated Resume
  • Complete the admission process.
  • For more information about benefits:

Ph.: +52 (222) 229 23 13, Toll Free in Mexico: 01 800 227 74 00 ext. 2313

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