Program Overview

RVOE: 20122563

The Master of Governance and Globalization reacts to the need of forming successful leaders able to contribute with informed opinions and alternatives to specific problems of international character. The program is designed especially for those professionals that require a broad view over global governance aspects with the final aim of contributing to propose solutions to international problems.




To form masters which are leaders in the study of governance and globalization issues with an emphasis in the analysis of the main problems affecting global societies. Masters that produce in depth analysis and propose solutions at the level of public policy for conflicts at national and international levels with the aim of producing new models for decision making as well as negotiation strategies to solve controversies between the public and private sectors.




The candidates shall have a bachelor in social sciences, economy, administration or law. The candidate needs to be able to use technology and media to propose governance models. In addition, the candidate needs to be able to indent the role of the NGO´s while they can promote human development and welfare by means of negotiating agreements considering their economic impact.




At the end of the masters, the graduate:

  • Apply the main theories and methodological perspectives regarding global governance for the study and solutions of problems identify under an international context.
  • Identify historical dimensions of global governance that allow making reforms and adjustments in public policy, made by means of a methodology of analysis coherent with current historical process
  • Identify the relevance of the main international actors by means of managing political information to know the strengths and weakness of diverse Nation states
  • Apply the methods and techniques of international negotiation processes by generating projects of public policy to establish paths of action for the States its institutions and the UN system




Certificate in International Management RVOE: 20122545


  • Bachelor's Degree in international relations or related areas in social sciences, economics, administration, accounting or law.
  • Updated Resume
  • Complete the admission process.
  • More information at

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