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This master responds to the need to innovate through the use of methodologies, processes, and new technologies to solve and manage information-design projects. Graduates are able to analyze and solve concrete cases through the creation and implementation of projects that are feasible and compatible with the environment.


To prepare masters who analyze and solve social-communication problems through creative and strategic projects that generate messages. They are able to master the methodological and practical aspects of design, applying visual techniques and language that promote the interaction between information and society..


Professionals in Information Design, Graphic Design, Communication, Journalism or Marketing interested in strategies that improve quality products to answer to market needs. The applicant must have the ability to create proposals that meet the specific needs of users through the correct selection of design methodologies and processes.


Upon completion of this master, the graduate will

  • Apply information design methods and techniques through interactive systems to create feasible solutions that meet a customer’s needs.
  • Design strategies to manage multidisciplinary creative teams through a uniform conception of this discipline, following methodologies and practices to create design projects with great production quality.
  • Advise on legal aspects related to design by reviewing regulations and the correct management of intellectual property processes.
  • Determine administrative and management strategies based on the study and analysis of the editorial industry to implement projects that control different art direction processes.
  • Manage projects using different technologies and publicity media to execute them with competitive quality in the editorial market.
  • Identify problems of the information design area using theoretical and critical evaluation tools to create effective communication solutions.


  • Bachelor´s Degree in Information Design, Graphic Design, Advertising, Communications, Journalism, and Marketing.
  • Updated Resume
  • Complete the admission process.
  • For more benefits:

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