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The participants in this program, will be able to design methods that allow for a better use of resources and a correct transfer of technology in construction projects. Likewise, they will propose competitive and innovative solutions in public and private organizations.



Through this program, UDLAP prepares professionals in Construction Project Management with a broad social commitment, highly qualified in technical areas of their field, and able to make decisions that have great organizational impact.
The program is designed to provide the necessary tools to propose, manage and administer construction projects, concerning the proper managerial handling of companies in the construction industry, be it in the private or public sector, through the use and creation of new technologies that minimize the environmental impact of construction projects.



It is required that candidates be professionals with experience in the area of construction, whether in architecture or civil engineering, and interested in acquiring useful knowledge to integrate cutting edge technologies when managing construction projects.



  • Applies fundamentals of construction and administration technologies available today to improve the efficiency of companies in the construction industry.

  • Identifies change factors in new technological developments and variations of the same that influence the construction market.

  • Designs and proposes technological developments to optimize construction projects as well as to use resources advantageously.

  • Identifies the ethical implications in the practice of the profession regarding the use of technologies, processes and products, as well as their specifications.



Advanced Certificate in Construction Management

Contact Information:
Incorporación Estudiantil de Posgrado
Tel: +52 (222) 229 20 00
01 800 227 74 00
Ext. 4634 WhatsApp (+521) 222 577 38 29



  • Bachelor's degree in engineering, architecture, or areas related to construction.

  • Minimum GPA of 8.0, or equivalent.

  • EXADEP, ADEN, EXANI-III admission test, or equivalent.

  • Score of 450 in TOEFL.

  • Updated Resume.

  • Interview with the program coordinator.

  • Fulfillment of administrative admission requirements indicated by School Services.
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