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Program Overview
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This program prepares masters who can evaluate the use of energy and water resources in an infrastructure project using the fundamentals of sustainable building to identify opportunities to save construction resources.




To prepare masters who can plan, manage, and implement new projects, through techniques for the efficient use of human, physical, and economic resources, to devise integral solutions that increase the productivity of private or public construction companies.




The applicant must have finished a licenciatura in Business, Social Science, Science and Engineering, Design, Arts or Humanities and understand the basic concepts of construction materials, procedures, and administration to be able to identify the different functional areas of construction companies and their relationship to daily operations.




Upon completion of this master, the graduate will

  • Offer solutions to problems related to construction project management by using administrative, financial, and engineering techniques and methodologies legally in force to improve the productivity of a construction company.
  • Evaluate the efficient use of human, physical, and economic resources involved in construction projects through appropriate techniques and methodologies that measure their impact and efficiency.
  • Analyze the different stages and components of construction projects through specialized computer programs to improve and innovate in the construction field.
  • Examine the factors of constructions’ change through the analysis and use of technological platforms related to construction to make improvement proposals in the field.




  • Bachelor's degree in psychology, or else in areas related to social sciences, economics, administration, engineering, and humanities.
  • Updated Resume.
  • Complete the admission process.
  • For more information about benefits:

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