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This master looks to develop knowledge and skills that help decision-making in energy companies. It also enhances the critical thinking and complex and systematic reasoning of professionals to analyze their environment.




Prepare experts who can plan, control, and manage energy processes and projects becoming leaders who create change in private organizations and at different levels of government to promote projects that benefit companies in Mexico and abroad.




The applicant must have concluded a licenciatura in Business, Social Science, Science and Engineering and be interested in developing and evaluating the importance of the energy sector and the use of sustainable energies and technologies.




Upon completion of this master, the graduate will

  • Develop energy projects, adapting and implementing renewable technologies and organizational objectives to offer proposals and advise public and private sectors.
  • Examine the financial variables of the economic and energy environment through the use of financial models in order to apply them in energy sector development projects.
  • Analyze the internal and external data of energy systems in an exhaustive, complete, and sophisticated manner through the use of quantitative techniques and tools to propose alternatives in decision-making.
  • Plan the efficient and effective use of an organization’s resources and abilities, applying energy sector concepts and models to control the operation and strengthen the organization’s competitive position.
  • Implement strategic and improvement actions in energy business models through the use of economic, functional, and financial tools to face unstable environments that create changes in these areas.
  • Use negotiation and leadership skills, making use of business theories and concepts to promote solutions that impact organizations and their social environment.




  • Bachelor's degree in Business Administration or related areas of the administrative economic-accounting, social, architectural, and engineering sciences.
  • Updated Resume.
  • Complete the admission process.
  • For more information about benefits:

Ph.: +52 (222) 229 23 13, Toll Free in Mexico: 01 800 227 74 00 ext. 2313

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