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This master provides the necessary competencies to identify substantial and procedural fiscal law trends to efficiently intervene in the solution and prevention of tax problems. Students participate throughout their program in the creation, interpretation, and application of laws and international treaties related to taxation; they also acquire knowledge of fiscal law, globally and dynamically visualizing the culture of legality and the correct use of laws in relation to financial and tax areas; in addition, they interpret their principles and general rules in function of an analysis of vanguard legal subjects.


To prepare masters who can propose feasible solutions to real tax problems through the use of tributary regulations, strategies, and defense means for individuals or companies, with an ethical and service attitude.



Licenciatura, preferably in Social Science or Economic-Administrative areas. It is required that applicants be professionals with a high interest in developing tax or lawsuit strategies in fiscal areas.



    Upon completion of this master, the graduate will
  • Distinguish the federal tax regulations that govern direct and indirect taxes with the principles of tributary justice, through case and doctrine law that indicates the limits of tax collection, to defend that taxes be proportional and equitable.
  • Identify the payment and collection mechanisms regulated by fiscal laws through a critical study of the regulations that govern their content.
  • Apply the different types of federal taxes through a comparative study of their essential elements.
  • Observe the causes that avoid tax collection increase, through a systematic study of the problem factors that inhibit tax payment.




  • Bachelor's degree in psychology, or else in areas related to social sciences, economics, administration, engineering, and humanities.
  • Updated Resume.
  • Complete the admission process.
  • For more information about benefits:

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