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Designed to complement a professional’s expert skills in production areas, this master program has an innovative and vanguard focus that meets the needs of international companies. Also, the program develops analysis and synthesis competencies in manufacturing administration techniques through applied knowledge, case studies, and problem solving.




To prepare experts who are able to make strategic decisions to innovate and compete in a changing world characterized by production systems. They will contribute to manufacturing processes of different companies and different sectors through vanguard tools.




The applicant must have finished a licenciatura in Business, Social Science, Science and Engineering, Design, Arts or Humanities and have basic knowledge in administration and manufacturing processes, as well as understanding of the different functional areas of production companies and their relationship to everyday operations.




Upon completion of this master, the graduate will

  • Apply intervention models that increase a company’s productivity through quantitative, administrative, and manufacturing methods to establish strategies that increase production and quality.
  • Devise solutions that increase productivity, analyzing and interpreting information to make decisions, design products, and create innovative proposals that meet the needs of a group.
  • Prepare documents in a logical and coherent fashion, using vocabulary that is adequate and properly used in the manufacturing world to interact with different groups.
  • Design production systems using technological tools to meet national and international standards.
  • Analyze different functional areas in goods and services production companies through the optimal use of tangible and intangible resources in order to meet an organization’s goals.
  • Plan the efficient and appropriate use of resources to strengthen the competitive position of an organization, applying vanguard tools used in the manufacturing world.




  • Bachelor's degree degree in areas of economics, administration, engineering or science.
  • Updated Resume.
  • Complete the admission process.
  • For more information about benefits:

Ph.: +52 (222) 229 23 13, Toll Free in Mexico: 01 800 227 74 00 ext. 2313

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