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The program in Master in Manufacturing Management , develops students' abilities to analyze and synthesize techniques and information in manufacturing management through the practical application of knowledge, case studies, and resolution of concrete and current problems in this area.



Through this master's program, Universidad de las Americas Puebla prepares professionals that are leaders in the area of manufacturing management, are highly competent in interdisciplinary areas and make decisions with broad social commitment.
Following the curriculum, participants will develop in an integral way their individual strengths, being able to innovate successfully in a globalized business world, and applying knowledge and forefront technology in manufacturing management, achieving high performance in their work field.



It is required that a candidate be a professional interested in the analysis of production processes, in the development of organizations that are efficient and competitive in the use of resources, and in the optimization of business processes currently used in industry.



  • Uses statistical methods to control different processes.

  • Models different alternatives mathematically so resources are used efficiently.

  • Utilizes simulation methods to identify the best among several choices that pursue the same objective.

  • Designs production programs.

  • Acknowledges the usefulness of different tools to establish a strategic plan.

  • Applies logistics and production concepts in order to design and implement a business project.



Advanced Certificate in Production and Logistics.

Contact Information:
Incorporación Estudiantil de Posgrado
Tel: +52 (222) 229 23 13
01 800 227 74 00
ext 2313, 4562, 4021, 2166



  • Bachelor's degree in areas of economics, administration, engineering or science.

  • Minimum GPA of 8.0, or equivalent.

  • EXADEP, ADEN, EXANI-III admission test, or equivalent.

  • Score of 450 in TOEFL.

  • Updated Resume.

  • Interview with the program coordinator.

  • Fulfillment of administrative admissions requirement indicated by School Services
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