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As a graduate from the Bachelor of Literature you will be able to research, analyze, contextualize, question, and create written, oral, and multimodal discourses related to literature, culture, and political and social thinking, from different theoretical and methodological perspectives. You will influence, on the one hand, teaching, editing, and cultural and media management in general, and, on the other hand, criticism that reflects and creates actions to benefit social transformations.

Once you have finished your study program, you will have a bachelor´s degree in addition to a licenciatura degree. Therefore, your studies will be recognized worldwide.

In addition to enhancing your entry skills, at the Licenciatura in Literature we propose to:

  • Transmit a comprehensive and critical panorama of literature, with emphasis in Spanish-language literature.
  • Develop your skills to study literature, always in relation to pertinent artistic, cultural, and social contexts.
  • Develop your skills to analyze, comment, and criticize texts.
  • Train you in the use of theoretical, critical, and methodological tools that promote self-learning.
  • Increase your ability to formulate oral and written discourses that are adequate for interaction in different professional areas.
  • Prepare you for graduate studies in Humanities or Social Sciences.
  • Interested in reading and writing.
  • Is reflexive and critical.
  • Has analytical perspective.
  • Able to create quality academic research texts and contribute to the creation of knowledge.
  • Has a panoramic knowledge of Western literature, specifically Hispanic literature, that integrates historical and political context.
  • Proficient in writing texts and literary criticism to insert him/herself in different work areas for content production.
  • Able to link knowledge and skill in literary studies with other disciplines in the social sciences and the humanities.
  • Amenable to integrate ethical reflection, and a demanding social and environmental conscience, to contribute to equity, justice, honesty, and coexistence in society.
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