This Program allows students to have academic courses in the business area and also develop pan internship Project during the summer. It is a great combination that helps students to gain a global focus on how business is Mexico is done.

  • Duration and period of the program
    • Up to 1 or 2 months

  • Contents of the program
    • Internship: Work in an Mexican company according to your academic skills
    • Courses from School of Business and Economics
    • Culture and Tourism: Visits to Archaeological sites, Museums, Festivities, Local fairs, Natural events, kitchen courses and Workshops like dancing and sports.

  • Lodging and meal plans

    Participants can choose between staying in our student dormitories where they may interact with Mexican students or staying with a homestay Mexican family. In both cases the participants will improve their Mexican culture experience. Meal plans can be included during the program.

  • Trips or visits?

    All our programs offer the possibility to include visits to archaeological sites, cultural trips, music festivals and tours to places where natural events have place.

  • Number of participants required to open a program
    No minimum of participants required

  • Completed High School study or equivalent
  • 18 years of age or above
  • Transcript from last higher education course completed

Spanish Language Requirements

all students have to complete our on-line Spanish test when applying for courses taught in Spanish; or to be placed in the adequate level when applying for Spanish courses. An oral test will take place during orientation to confirm the correct level.
Students wanting to enroll in courses taught in Spanish must comply with a minimum level of proficiency in Spanish of B1.
If you are enrolling only in courses taught in English you do not have to comply with any Spanish requirement.

  • Application deadline for Business Internship Program (Summer):

    Session 1: April 30th
    Session 2: April 30th

We have a new virtual campus tour online here!

Where you can visit and check our beautiful campus since it’s a one of a kind experience for your students here in Mexico.

Feel free to contact us if you need any further information and if you want to call us directly, we have available a toll free number from the USA: 1 844 873 2970

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