Registrar’s Office

All students can reach out to and request the services of any of the different offices supervised by the Registrar’s Office: Admissions, Student Services, Temporary and Definitive Withdrawals, Academic Services, Financial Aid, Equivalencies and Revalidation, Immigration, Graduation Services, Credit Transference, Student Files and Records, etc.

The Registrar’s Office is responsible for providing the academic-administrative services upheld by the university regulations, such as tracking the status of each student from the moment they first enroll up until they graduate, always in adherence to our institutional philosophy of warmth and high-quality service.

In the interest of your convenience, we present to you: the new Student Services Virtual Offices! To enter, please locate the icon corresponding to the services you require, and click on it. This service is accessible through iOS or Android on your mobile device, or from Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on your PC.

Business hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 6 p.m. (CST)

Registrar’s Office


Here, you will find the steps to take once we have received your admission application and you have turned in all the official documents we require of new students.

Financial Aid

Here, you will find information regarding the different Institutional scholarships and financial aid options available.

Academic Services
(certificates of studies, transcripts, and others)

This is the office in charge of receiving, drafting, and emitting official documents such as transcripts and academic records based on student and alumni academic statuses.

Temporary and Definitive Withdrawals

Here, enrolled students will find the information required to making academic changes such as to voluntarily drop a course or temporarily and/or definitively withdraw from studies.

Equivalencies and Revalidation

Here, you may reach out to the area in charge of the official process to validate studies taken at other universities, both national and international.


The Immigrant Coordination Office is in charge of management, advisory, and orientation activities related to professor and student immigration procedures.

Graduation Services

This office is here to advise and support candidates throughout their graduation processes.

Academic Processes
(changing majors, credits by exam, and others)

This area is in charge of registering students’ academic advancements and following up on their enrollment or re-entry.

Student Files and Records

This office is in charge of safeguarding student academic files and providing them as needed for academic-administrative procedures.