The program of International Relations aims to train you to be a professional with solid theoretical and methodological knowledge, who can analyze and understand contemporary global phenomena and execute tasks that companies may require of you. Following our program you will comprehend cooperation, development and coexistence among world nations and, at the same time, be prepared for graduate work at prestigious institutions. As an expert in the field, you can work in trade organizations, NGOs and banks, among other places, mastering concepts like cultural plurality, freedom of thought and promotion of tolerance.



As a professional in International Relations, you will have an integral formation in different areas, such as political science, international economics and law, among others. Given this information, you will participate in companies, government and different types of organizations, proposing concrete solutions to international conflicts. Additionally, you will master different languages, being able to access information in order to comment on different worldwide events.

Specific Objective

Upon completion of your career, as well as expanding your initial aptitudes, International Relations will:

  • Develop your skills in argumentation, research, analysis and oral and written expression to foster your persuasiveness.

  • Train you in conducting critical analysis of institutional arrangements and their effects on economic development and political stability.

  • Prepare you to carry out analysis of behavior tendencies of the main political actors of a country.

  • Become an expert in conforming institutional arrangements, and in the historic and cultural international processes that affect them.

  • Show you how to identify common patterns of institutional design in order to predict reactions of groups of nations that respond to changes in the international environment.

  • Make you an expert in analyzing factors such as economic development, political stability and the participation of emerging countries in international markets.

  • Transform you into a professional that masters governance design and schemes to promote cooperation among nations.



  • Conviction to work for the common good and to strive for success.

  • Open-mindedness in knowledge, culture, and interpersonal relations.

  • Vision to accomplish goals through learning.

  • Predilection for understanding causes and solutions to different international conflicts.

  • Curiosity to understand the way that economics, politics and law work worldwide.



At the end of your studies, having acquired new knowledge and expanded your abilities, you will have:

  • Knowledge of the most important theories of this field, so you may apply them when analyzing international issues.

  • Ability to use comparative political methods and area studies.

  • Ability to analyze the origin of world conflicts, taking into account historical, political, social and cultural points of view.

  • Ability to draft publications regarding internal and external conflicts, which will allow you to place yourself in public and private spheres.

  • Experience in rigorous and scientific studies of international systems, considering economic, political-strategic, social and legal aspects.

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