The Nursing Bachelor Degree is a new program at UDLAP that lasts five years (includes a year of social service) and offers 95% scholarship for maintaining an outstanding GPA. In the current study program, students receive a complete professional education with which they will acquire skills and tools necessary to face the challenges of a globalized world.
To maximize your skills during your professional practice, we use vanguard teaching-learning methods through clinical labs that include high, medium and low fidelity simulators to practice each of the nursing procedures and techniques taught in the classroom. Also, we combine clinical practices so you can learn to solve problems, work in a team and develop unique skills to successfully join the job market.
Universidad de las Américas Puebla has agreements with public and private hospitals for your professional practices, which are required from the second to the eighth semester. We stress the importance of Nursing in the prevention of disease and in health care.
Your job market is ample, since you can work in areas such as teaching, management, research and assistance, in both the private and public sector. You can also start your own company. We seek an advanced education for your professional development, considering specialties, masters and doctorates.

To train academically excellent nursing professionals who respond and contribute in assistance, administrative, research and teaching functions, with innovative and humanitarian leadership, a holistic view of social responsibility, and committed to their professional practice.

To train nurses who can face the challenges of a globalized world through competitive and innovative professional practices with specific actions, to prevent disease and encourage health in individuals, families and communities, achieving important changes in health care.
At the Licenciatura in Nursing our objective is to train you as a health professional, capable of making, applying, coordinating and treating health issues in healthy or sick individuals, with the ethical values that guide Nursing. Through competitive professional practices you will innovate and accomplish important changes in health care, promoting proactive attitudes that benefit the health of patients, families and communities.

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