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To provide IT technical strategies and innovative solutions, aligned with the objectives of the organization and the needs of the UDLAP community.


To be UDLAP’s most efficient and effective administrative area.


Integrity, respect, productivity, perseverance, responsibility, tolerance, and loyalty.

Service Desk. This is the contact point between users and the areas that manage the information technology services offered by the university.  Our community includes licenciatura, master, and doctoral students, as well as online students and alumni.

The attention offered includes giving information, specialized advising, and answers to topics related to IT.  We also solve incidents related to such services in order to provide opportune and efficient solutions with issues related to:

On the other hand, it is possible to request infrastructure services, especially for community events using the “requirements” request.

In summary, our rationale is to support the university community to get the maximum benefit of the information resources offered by the institution.

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To date there are over 80 different services provided to the community by the following DGTI departments:

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Monday to Friday from 7:00 to 20:00, and Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 to 13:00 h

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Information Technology Department (DGTI)

The growth and success of an educational institution is sustained by its academic quality and excellence. However, it is also important to constantly include innovative technologies with which students may prepare to answer the challenges presented by globalization as professionals. The Department of Information Technology, therefore, is a strategic university area whose organizational areas provide the institution with technological resources that support academic, administrative, and entertainment activities for its students.  Among these, we can highlight interactive collaborative tools, instant messaging, and phone services. Also, we are in charge of providing a wired computer network, our Wi-Fi network, technological equipment for classrooms, computer rooms with specialized software, as well as advising services and the necessary technical support so everything works correctly.

The Department of Systems Architecture and Mobile Solutions is the area in charge of the university’s information systems and applications adapted to the needs of the community. This area is responsible for the operational management and maintenance of institutional systems that are a fundamental part for meeting the university’s vision and mission according to its strategic plan.

The IT Customer Service Department supervises the execution of services provided by this department, managing the life cycle of university computer equipment and software from analyzing which equipment to purchase, guarding it, preparing it, installing it, providing support and discarding it, as well as coordinating the technical support provided to the university community through the service desk and the personnel that provides this service.

The Department of Security, Platform, and Technological Infrastructure is in charge of managing the necessary technological infrastructure to guarantee the services provided by DGTI to the university community by assuring the information flow through wired and wireless media inside and outside the campus, maintaining their core values: availability, integrity, and confidentiality.

The Department of Digital Evolution and Strategy in Digital Media manages the processes that guarantee the functionality, presentation, and availability of information resources through an institutional webpage and other digital media, as well as supporting the university’s promotional activities and their values while using UDLAP’s social media. This department also manages the quality and functionality of the telephone installations and sports transmissions via internet.

The Department of Governability Management and Administrative Solutions implements and gives technical support to information systems in the finance and human resources areas, and develops applications to automize the functionality of their processes.  Also, they carry out activities that involve project management to report to upper management.  In addition, they follow-up the continuous improvement plans related to audits and service evaluation, as well as the performance indicators of different areas that report to DGTI.

The Department of IT Resource Management and Mobile Communication is in charge of controlling and managing the budget to cover the technological needs of goods and services that DGTI offers to the UDLAP community, and that are essential for their correct functioning.  This area is also responsible for service administration for telephone communications and the institutional switchboard, as well as creating continuous improvement plans.