Health Insurance

At Universidad de las Américas Puebla we are committed to supporting our students so they can receive medical attention in case of any eventuality, such as an accident or illness.

Therefore, it is mandatory to have valid health insurance from whatever insurance company you want, while you are enrolled at the university.

The insurance policy must be sent via the corresponding link, respecting the dates established in the school calendar.

If for any reason no proof of insurance is sent, you implicitly accept an insurance policy under your name offered by UDLAP at a preferential price, which will be charged to your student account at the beginning of each semester. The insurance offered at UDLAP is from Grupo Nacional Provincial (GNP) and has national coverage.

In case you decide to live in the residential colleges, the aforementioned insurance will be provided as a part of your room and board.

Tutor Life Insurance

The Tutor Life Insurance is a free benefit provided by Universidad de las Américas Puebla to all enrolled students. Its objective is to guarantee the economic means to finish your studies, creating a protection in case of the uncertainty that may arise upon the death of a parent or guardian.

When starting your studies, you must write in your application the name of the parent and/or guardian responsible for paying your tuition. In case of this person’s death, the Tutor Life Insurance will cover the total of the remaining units in the study program in which you are enrolled.