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FSA - Federal Student Aid

The United States Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008  requires universities participating in student aid programs to provide all potential and enrolled students the essential information regarding academic programs, services, and financial aid procedures in order to properly inform consumers.

This Act protects a consumer’s right to learn important data regarding student services, academic progress policies, campus safety, attendance cost, and other data of each institution to make informed decisions when choosing a university.

In compliance with this requirement and for easy access, UDLAP has centralized this information on this page so prospective and enrolled students and their families can make the best decision.

For additional information regarding Universidad de las Américas Puebla, please visit our main UDLAP website, which is constantly updated and has a live chat to answer any questions regarding the university.


FSA Direct Loans apply ONLY FOR BACHELOR´S and DO NOT APPLY for:

  •  Transfers
  •  Academic Exchanges
  •  Dual Degree Programs
  •  Professional Practices abroad
  •  On-line Programs
  •  Diplomas
  •  Licenciaturas
  •  Master´s Degree
  •  Doctorates / Ph. D.
  •  Bachelor of Nursing
  •  Bachelor of Dental Surgeon
  •  Bachelor of Medical Surgeon

Federal Direct Loans

Direct federal loans for United States citizens who meet participation requirements and aim to help cover the cost of higher education. The loans are made up of:

  • Direct Subsidized Loans
  • Direct Unsubsidized Loans
  • PLUS federal loans
  • Fill Out your FAFSA here!
  • ** These Loans apply only to Bachelor degree programs and does not apply for transfers, nor to Diplomas, Licenciaturas, Master Degree Programs, Doctoral Degree Programs, Dual Degree Programs, Academic Exchanges, Bachelor of Medical Surgeon, Bachelor of Dental Surgeon, Bachelor of Nursing programs nor on-line programs. **
  • Benefits
    Can be used in combination with Universidad de las Américas Puebla scholarships.
  • Requirements
    Be a US citizen.
    Be admitted to Universidad de las Américas Puebla.
    Meet the requirements established by the United States Department of Education.

Download myStudentAid and complete your FAFSA today!

  • myStudentAid
  • myStudentAid


Financial Aid
Phone: +52 (222) 229 2000 ext. 2012 / 4164
Office: Building 1 – 111

  • Course Catalogue

    When you choose your courses, you can meet the professors who teach at the department where your course is taught.
  • Code of Conduct Regarding Student Loans
  • Code of Ethics
  • Copyright Law, Violation, and Sanctions

    The unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material, including “peer-to-peer” exchanges, can be subject to civil and penal liabilities, as well as to those disciplinary measures or sanctions that Universidad de las Américas Puebla could impose on students who, while using UDLAP information technologies or systems, make illegal downloads or unauthorized distribution of these materials.

    Table of Sanctions Related to Copyright Offenses
  • Student’s Handbook
  • Institutional Policy for Refunds
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy
  • Return of Title IV (R2T4) Funds Policy
  • Information Privacy

    The treatment that UDLAP gives to personal and other data of students, employees, suppliers, and third parties in order to fulfill its obligations and exert its rights is done in strict accordance with Mexican law, specifically the Federal Law of Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Third Parties and its Regulation.

    The owners of said information have the right to access, rectify, cancel or oppose them in the terms of the Federal Law of Protection of Personal Data and its Regulation, which can be exerted at any time according to what is established in the “Privacy Notice”.

    The requests for access, rectification, cancellation, and opposition by the “owners” or their legal representatives must be provided in writing according to the “Privacy Notice” and the “Policy of Protection of Personal Data”.
  • Regulation of the Disciplinary Commission of Student Affairs
  • General Student Bylaw
  • Sanctions for crimes related to drugs, for students who receive federal student aid

    Every person who receives or wishes to receive financial aid through the funds provided by the United States Federal Government, must know that eligibility to receive this aid could be rescinded if they are convicted of committing any federal or state crime that involves the possession or sale of drugs, during any term in which they are enrolled and have received any type of financial aid.

    These students will not be eligible to receive any further financial aid during their sentence, as well as during the period specified in the following table:

    1st offense

    1 year from the date of conviction.

    2 years from the date of conviction.

    2nd offense

    2 years from the date of conviction.

    Indefinite Period.

    3rd of + offenses



    The student may be eligible again after having completed the drug rehabilitation program or after the determined period of time, whichever happens first. For more information, visit the United States Code 1091(r), page 5.

    UDLAP will notify each student that has lost eligibility for Direct Loans as a result of a drug-related sentence. Said notice will include notification of loss of eligibility, and an offer to receive counseling so the student may be eligible again.
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