UDLAP Suggestion Box

UDLAP Suggestion Box

UDLAP Suggestion Box.

What is the UDLAP Suggestion Box?

UDLAP appreciates your feedback, and to that end UDLAP offers an electronic suggestion box. Whether you are a member of our UDLAP community or a visitor to campus, your comments and suggestions are most welcome.
Some offices will request an exit survey in order to evaluate the services they provide, and we appreciate your taking the time to fill them out. The results of our internal evaluations, accessible to the university community through our Intranet, help us continuously improve services.

The General Presidency Office is in charge of channeling all comments and suggestions to the proper areas, following up on them, and elaborating the corresponding reports and statistics.

How to make an electronic suggestion or complaint?


Making the

For emit a complaint / suggestion in the electronic mailbox, enter HERE.



You will receive an e-mail message (if you are a member of the university community it will be on your @udlap.mx account) confirming receipt of the suggestion/complaint and informing you that the comment has been sent to the area involved for further attention. The office or area cited does not have access to any personal or identifying information. In the event that your personal information must be used in order to determine the context of the complaint, or to ensure that you receive appropriate attention, you will be formally requested to authorize the use of your personal information.



After the area involved has responded to your suggestion or complaint, you will receive an e-mail stating how you can consult the response.


Confirmation of
receipt of response.

Once you have checked the response, you will need to confirm if you are satisfied with it or not. If you are not satisfied, you must indicate the reason for your inconformity so that the area involved may issue a second response. If the Office of Planning and Evaluation does not receive further feedback, it will not be able to follow up on your complaint and the suggestion/complaint process will be considered finished.