HCC - UDLAP Transfer Program

Admission Process

The Spring 2023 term starts on Monday January 9th, 2023*.

The Fall 2023 term starts on Monday August 7th, 2023*.

*First day of classes may be updated considering COVID-19 worldwide red light indicator.

UDLAP’s Calendar:

UDLAP’s Timelines:

Program admission steps:

Step 1. Register at UDLAP’s web page: https://inscripciones.udlap.mx/RegistroCandidato

Step 2. Fill up and scan the admission’s form along with basic documentation (Birth Certificate, Official Transcript and if obtained Associate Degree Diploma): https://aplicaciones.udlap.mx/solicituddeadmision/

Step 3. Send documentation to abroad@udlap.mx

Step 4. Every student requires to apply an English Placement Test and a Spanish Placement Test.

Step 5. Make the early tuition fee and admission’s fee payment


Costs in MXN 2023*

Concept Regular cost per unit (mexican pesos) Transfer Program cost benefit per unit (mexican pesos)

Undergraduate 1 Unit (REFERENCE COST)

$ 3,410

$ 3,410

Undergraduate, 6 units (EARLY ADMISSION FEE, part of the 30 units tuition)

$ 20,460

$ 20,460

Undergraduate, 30 units   (Regular Tuition Fee)

$ 102,300

$ 102,300

Transfer Credits Process

$ 2,790

No Cost

Revalidation (2 units x 25 taken courses)

$ 170,500

No Cost

Admission Fee
(Onetime payment only)

$ 13,250

No Cost

(Mexican Ministry of Education)

$ 110

No Cost

Clinical Examination  (Onetime payment only)

$ 1,590

$ 1,590

Other Enrollment Fees

Concept Regular cost per unit (mexican pesos) Transfer Program cost benefit per unit (mexican pesos)

Health Insurance coverage per semester

$ 4,000

$ 4,000

TOTAL COST per semester

$ 294,540

$ 107,890

Residence Hall Admission Fee (Onetime payment only)
(Only if it is required)

$ 4,600

$ 4,600

Residential College Semester Fee – Individual Room

$ 32,150

$ 32,150

TOTAL COST per semester (considering optional shared room housing)

$ 331,290

$ 144,640

* Costs may vary without previous notice.

Approximately cost for HCC-UDLAP Transfer Program Students in USD per year - $ 15,298.00

MXN/USD Details
MXN/USD for the 24 - hour period ending Friday, Jan 13, 2023 22:00 UTC @ +/- 0%

Selling $ 144,640 MXN

you get $ 7,648.92 USD

Buying $ 144,640 MXN

you pay $ 7,648.92 USD

* https://www.oanda.com/currency/converter/

All undergraduate students must enroll in a minimum 30 units each semester. Enrollment in fewer than 30 units shall result in additional fees being charged

IMPORTANT: This charge does not apply to students who have completed 270 units or more.

IMPORTANT: This charge only applies to undergraduate students.

The students registering for class after the official enrollment deadline will be charged a late fee equivalent to one unit.

IMPORTANT: Bank deposits and electronic payments must be made at least two working days before the enrollment deadline of the student.