• To have studied and passed a minimum of 120 units before enrolling to Professional Practices I, II or the equivalent courses or the degree of advancement and seriation required according to you academic program.

  • Register as a candidate for a "professional practice", on the dates established in the school calendar and according to the table below:
    Period to register as candidate Period to enroll in the Professional Practice course & do the internship
    Spring Summer I, Summer II, Fall
    Fall Spring
  • Complete in time and according to instructions the online preparation course for the Internship. This course is available via Blackboard and the student will only have access after registering as a candidate.

  • Have medical insurance valid until the completion of the Internship project. It will be necessary to verify this according to the indications of the School Services, the receiving organization and the Office for Professional Practices.

  • Comply with all the activities and requirements requested by the Office for Professional Practices during the period prior to the registration of the Professional Practices course or its equivalent, and until the end of the selected Internship project.

  • Enroll in the course of Professional Practices at the time of developing the internship. The registration is always done by the student without any exception.

  • Fulfill the requirements of the organization where the Internship project will take place.

  • Have no employment or family relationship with the selected organization(s).



Registration requirements for organizations

In order to register an organization in the database of the Office for Professional Practices, it is necessary to carry out the registration of the organization and the projects they offer. In order to do so, it is necessary to enter the following links:

Once the records are received, they are sent to the Professional Practices Committee of the corresponding Academic Department for analysis and approval. You will be notified by email of the committee's response and if approved, it will be necessary to send the legal identification documentation shown below in digital format.

Constitutive Act or equivalent in other countries Birth certificate Agreement or articles of creation
Articles that entitle the official to sign
Official identification of the legal representative or proxy (voter registration card or passport) Official identification (Voter's card or passport) Official identification of the signing official (voter's card or passport)
Power of attorney (in case you are a person with power of attorney) Operating license  Appointment or power of attorney of the signatory
Official identification of the person in charge of the link (voter's card or passport)
Proof of address
RFC registration
*Fill in the Registry of Organizations (RUO)
* Record the general data of the proposed project(s) in the Project Record Format (RPP)

Please note:

Documents should be sent by email to in PDF format. It is not necessary to send the RUO and RPP, the information is registered in the database once the online form is filled out.

In case the documentation has been previously shared with the UDLAP Labor Exchange, you can request that they share them with the Direction of Practice in the Profession by expressing your authorization via electronic means.

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