Student process



Spring 2021

Summer 2021

Fall 2021

1 REGISTRATION Aug 24th to Sep 25th 2020 Jan 18th to Feb 19th 2021 Feb 22nd to Apr 09th 2021
2 PREPARATION COURSE ON BLACKBOARD Sep 30th to Oct 9th 2020 Feb 22nd to Mar 05th 2021 Apr 12th to Apr 23rd 2021
3 ORGANIZATION SELECTION AND/OR PROPOSAL Oct 12th to Oct 16th 2020 Mar 15th to Mar 19th 2021 May 3rd to May 10th 2021
4 INTERVIEWS Nov-Dec 2020 (your coordinator will guide you by email) Apr-May 2021 (your coordinator will guide you by email) Jun-Jul 2021 (your coordinator will guide you by email)
5 FORMALIZATION Jan 18th to Jan 29th 2021 May 26th to May 30th 2021 Aug 09th to Aug 20th 2021
6 DEVELOPMENT Jan 18th to May 14th 2021 May 26th to Jul 27th 2021 Aug 09th to Nov 26th 2021
7 EVALUATIONS Apr 26th to May 7th 2021 Jul 12th to Jul 20th 2021 Nov 08th to Nov 26th 2021
8 CLOSURE Apr 30th to May 21st 2021 Jul 19th to Jul 30th 2021 Nov 22nd to Dec 08th 2021

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