Registration process to the UDLAP Professional Practices Program for organizations

  1. Fill out the form Registro de organizaciones (RUO) online.
  2. Register the general data to the proposed project on the Registro de proyecto (RPP)format.

  3. The Professional Practices Committee will assess the organization’s information and pertinence of the registered projects.

  4. In case of approval, an acceptance email will be sent. This will require the delivery of the organization’s registration documents, which will have the identification information that prove its legitimacy.

  5. After delivery, a digital file will be created, and the organization will be included in the UDLAP’s Professional Practices database.

  6. The projects that the organization offers are spread among the alumni.

  7. The CVs of the interested students are sent to the organization, initiating the liaison process student-organization.


To register a new project, repeat step 2 filling out the RPP. It will not be necessary to fill out a new RUO.

Organizations may upload Professional Practices projects at any time. However, it is suggested to conform to the official calendar (see calendar).

Register to the program

For more information on how to register for the Internship program, please write to

Events from previous years

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