Master in Elementary Education

In light of the Mexican Educational Reform and the Ley General del Servicio Profesional Docente (General Law for Professional Teacher Service), that pledges to guarantee an education with quality and equity; though the improvement of the professional practice and ensuring the suitability of the knowledge and skills of the teachers.

The UDLAP, in accordance to its social responsibility through actions of great impact, joins the national effort by creating and offering the Master in Elementary Education, which focuses on the improvement and professionalization of teachers, administrative and technical-pedagogical support personnel in order to deliver competent, well-informed, critical, creative, and innovative human capital, able to obtain the greatest potential from their students and school environment.


This program has been accredited by the Interinstitutional Committees for the Evaluation of Higher Education (CIEES), an organism dedicated to promoting the assurance of quality in higher education. It is made up by nine committees (seven for academic programs and two for institutional functions), whose main purpose is to inform on the quality of evaluated programs and functions.

  • To reshape the educational practice in the classroom at the elementary level, and to obtain a solid pedagogical base.

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  • Teachers and administrative and technical-pedagogical support personnel (ATP) who are in active service.

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  • The Master’s Degree in Elementary Education is offered in an online 10-course format.

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  • Fill out the admission application for distance students.

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