Program Overview

The Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology is designed so the graduate has the ability to evaluate and intervene in behavioral problems, based on theoretical and methodological knowledge of clinical psychology; and at the same time to intervene in an ethical, critical, balanced and creative way to solve individual or group behavioral problems.




This academic program has as an objective to prepare leaders in clinical psychology, by giving them an education with profound theoretical and practical content. Students will use fundamental knowledge of different theoretical approaches of the discipline to enhance the psychological well-being of people. Also, they will identify the application extent of their knowledge, and their professional limitations.




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Applicants should be professionals in psychology and related health areas, with mastery of psychological techniques, so they are able to intervene in different scenarios and handle psychological interviews for the diagnosis and treatment of individual and group behavioral problems.




Upon completion of this academic program, graduates will be able to:

  • Diagnose, evaluate and intervene, according to the theories of this discipline, aiming to elevate the psychological well-being of people.

  • Understand different approaches and theories of psychology to be able to make a critical analysis of the situation of an individual, group, or community.

  • Master theoretical elements that are basic for the application of evaluation tools and intervention strategies.

  • Apply different evaluation and interview techniques.

  • Intervene in vulnerable, needy and at risk groups.

  • Use technological tools in professional practice.

  • Utilize psycho-diagnostic and intervention competences to foster change.

  • Handle applied statistical techniques in psychology.

  • Identify psychological factors that influence the development of an individual, his personality, and his biological processes; and the mental health of individuals, groups and families.




Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

Federación de Instituciones Mexicanas Particulares de Educación Superior (FIMPES).

Master´s Degree in Clinical Psychology

Graduate Certificate in Health Psychology




  • Bachelor´s Degree in Psychology and Health related areas




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