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The Master in International Management provides its graduates with the necessary tools for decision-making in a global context, based on a clear understanding of the needs of international markets. Curricula are designed to enrich the participants with direct and indirect knowledge on other cultures, generating social capacities for performing professionally in intercultural business contexts, under an ethical perspective founded in the socially responsible creation of economic value. In order to generate a multicultural environment which allows for the simulation of businesses in an international context, all subjects are offered in English.



To form Masters leaders in the International Management area who are able to manage and lead businesses at a global setting, implementing strategies to identify the many economic, geopolitical and sociocultural factors which influence the behavior of an enterprise, to build solutions for the problems that multinational organizations abroad face for a product, company or industry in particular.



Candidates must be professionals involved or interested in business activities related to commercialization, negotiation and international entrepreneurship; they must also have a foundation in economic-administrative areas. The candidate must have a high English level, writing and oral interaction in this language in and outside of the classroom is a must.



By the end of the Master, the graduate will be able to:

  • Apply the distinct business models for different kinds of organizations, by evaluating their characteristics with the needs of the market.

  • Identify the characteristics of international businesses, through the analysis and observation of the operations and logistics which govern commercial exchanges.

  • Employ human resources in the international field as a fundamental part of the organization, through an analysis of the global business environment.

  • Differentiate the main problems of organization and strategic management in multinational companies, through a comparative analysis of these kinds of companies and regional corporations.

  • Distinguish the importance of business ethics, copyright and corporate social responsibility.



  • Bachelor’s (or equivalent) in International Business Administration, Business Administration, Marketing, Finance and Accounting, Economy, Investment Banking; and other areas related to the economic-administrative and social sciences.

  • Meet the requirements established for program acceptance.

  • Curriculum Vitae.

  • In case of requesting a scholarship or educational credit, check the call dates at

  • Consult the benefits for UDLAP graduates.

  • If you are an UDLAP graduate with an average of 8.5 or higher, you do not have to take admission or English exam.

  • If you are an UDLAP graduate with an average lower than 8.5, or a graduate from any other institution, you must take the admission exam (which includes English, Spanish and Math).

  • We accept ADEN, EXADEP, EXANI-III or equivalent for admission exams; and TOEFL for the English language.


Program offering is subject to the number of enrolled students.

For more information, please contact:
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