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In this master the global international environment is analyzed, as well as its social, economic, legal, and financial characteristics, through the optimal use of tangible and intangible resources in order to achieve a solid multilateral relationship with other economic sectors, either government or non-government.




To prepare masters who can manage and lead global companies, analyzing economic, financial and socio-cultural factors that impact the business performance, to solve problems of multinational organizations, and recommend business strategies for products, companies or industries in an international environment.




The applicant must have finished the licenciatura in Business, Social Science, Science and Engineering, Design, Arts or Humanities and speak English, understanding the different operational areas of a company and their relationship with everyday operations.




Upon completion of this master, the graduate will

  • Integrate high-performance multicultural teams to promote innovation, change, and continuous improvement in organizational operations by identifying personal skills and global company needs for the successful performance of projects and to achieve objectives in current organizational scenarios.
  • Create solutions and business proposals with a global vision through the analysis and interpretation of information, and to make decisions that achieve objectives and competitive advantages in multinational companies.
  • Identify theories and concepts related to the management of abilities and intercultural and multi-geographical human behavior, analyzing labor diversity to manage competent teams that contribute to efficient and innovative performance.
  • Analyze the operations that manage commercial exchanges through an interpretation of the characteristics of international business to recommend expansion strategies in a global environment.




  • Bachelor's degree in in International Business Administration, Business Administration, Marketing and other areas related to the economic-administrative and social sciences.
  • Updated Resume.
  • Complete the admission process.
  • For more information about benefits:

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