Program Overview

The Master in Communications and Digital Media, responds to the need for generating strategies in digital communication and new media narratives. It is designed for those professionals who require a solid training in creative and narratives skills, that allow them to successfully face the challenges created by the new media.




Train masters in the area of Communications and Digital Media, capable of designing communication products and developing editorial content through the application of strategies of content transmedia, multimedia and narrative, to develop multimedia products that are in accordance with the possibilities and challenges demanded by the Digital globalization.




Professionals in the areas of communication sciences, visual information design or graphic design with experience and interest in the implementation, management and evaluation of multimedia communication projects. It will be useful that candidates have skills for collaborative work through electronic means, knowledge of computational tools and disposition towards self-learning and self-regulation.




At the end of the masters, the graduate:

  • Discerns theoretical and practical concepts of multimedia communication by developing interfaces to produce editorial content.
  • Analyzes the concepts, techniques and methodologies of the design by the elaboration of editorial contents for its application in the new digital means.
  • Selects the technical tools of communication, through the use of multimedia products in order to create new processes applicable to companies dedicated to digital media.
  • Organizes transmedia content through the application of narrative techniques for use in digital content on mobile devices.
  • Links the main concepts of language with strategies of communication in digital media through the use of current narrative techniques for using in various contexts of communication.
  • Analyzes the feasibility of the development of emerging digital media based on the design of tools and techniques for evaluating the usability of interfaces to apply in multimedia contents.




Certificate in Multimedia Production


  • Bachelor's Degree in communications, visual information design, graphic design or similar areas in social sciences, humanities, economics, administration and engineering.
  • Updated Resume
  • Complete the admission process
  • More information at

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