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As a graduate from the Bachelor of Political Science you will understand and analyze the political, economic, social, and cultural processes that have led to the current Mexican system.  You will use your knowledge of the actors, institutions, processes, and national and global public policies, identifying the different types of governments that link authorities with the demands of parties, interest groups, society organizations, and social movements. Thus, you will be able to recommend solutions that take into account efficiency and justice with political feasibility, multilevel implementation strategies, and evaluation criteria that identify weaknesses and opportunities in designing public policies.

Once you have finished your study program, you will have a bachelor´s degree in addition to a licenciatura degree.  Therefore, your studies will be recognized worldwide.

To help in your education, at the Licenciatura in Political Science we have proposed the following goals:

  • Train you to identify and solve problems in different contexts, applying the knowledge acquired during your studies.
  • Encourage you to analyze methods, theories, and interpretations of our current world.
  • Instill in you critical thinking in order to base, from your own point of view, the cases or problems you will face.
  • Train you in comparative analysis and research of processes, actors, and political institutions.
  • Help you to develop a reflexive focus on the influence of historical, economic, and cultural processes on behavioral trends of political actors.
  • Empower you to understand the influence of the international context in national political processes.
  • Teach you to identify opportunities and restrictions that globalization imposes on our national development.
  • Ease your understanding of the effects of economic, national, and regional security processes on the decisions of leaders in an international context.
  • Make you an expert in the analysis of institutional change and design, as well as in advancing public policies to encourage proposals for democratic political change in Mexico.
  • Wants to understand national political life and its characteristics.
  • Is curious about the impact of international policies on our country.
  • Is interested in understanding the theoretical and practical bases that make up our political system and its institutions.
  • Willing to work for the greater good and to strengthen democratic institutions.
  • Determined to achieve goals through learning.
  • Masters the comparison of relevant subjects of the contemporary national political agenda, understanding the actors and institutions of the Mexican political system to evaluate new agendas, and political, economic, and social actors.
  • Able to identify the main local and international political problems within the framework of current political and social theories, and propose specific courses of action for relevant actors in the national public life.
  • Knows and analyzes world history, main reforms, and political revolutions that mark the rise and fall of regimes and the creation of hegemonic blocs in the world, through the classification and analysis of information to identify the main theoretical points of view of this field.
  • Has aptitude to promote just and inclusive societies by combating poverty, hunger and gender inequality, and fighting for sustainable environments to commit to the development of international cooperation.
  • Able to develop comparative empirical analysis at a municipal, state, and federal level, providing scientific evidence for rational and informed decision-making, to frame these decisions in a globalized context.
  • Proficient at evaluating comparative political methods and theories as well as field studies through statistical methods to process and analyze information.
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